19 May 2014
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What you should know about (Facebook)

(Facebook) is an online social network. It was founded in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and some colleagues of his. It got the name based on a colloquialism for the directory with student´s names and photos given to new students on some American universities. In the beginning, site was intended for Harvard students only, but with time it spread, and today anyone older than 13 years can join (Facebook).
Advantages of (Facebook)
(Facebook) is free and very comfortable to use. All you need to create a (Facebook) account is a valid email address. It is a great tool to connect with different people all around the world for free, get new or find old friends. You can receive emails from outside to your (Facebook) account; promote yourself or your business on (Facebook), or register on other pages with your account. If you want to have fun, there are plenty of games, quizzes, and another application you can use in your free time. Through (Facebook), you can share your blog, photos and anything else with other people. (Facebook) design is very simple, with just few shades of blue, which is great because it does not attract your attention from important parts.

Disadvantages of (Facebook)
Not everything is great in (Facebook). For example, officially you cannot make a profile on (Facebook) if you are not 13, but nobody checks given information; so everyone can create a profile. Another big problem is fake profiles. As said before, nobody checks given information, so you can use any name, picture, or other information you like. No need to say fake profile creators often mean no good. Some people can become addicted to the (Facebook). It is fine if you use it in normal quantity, but if your other obligations such as school, work, or relations with important people suffer because of the (Facebook), you are in problems. If you are not careful enough with private data, people could find out confidential information about you on (Facebook). So, you should be very careful about things you decide to publish there. It is easy to create a group, and many created groups promote violence or hate. Facebook removes them, but sometimes harm is already done. Do not accept everyone request for friendship. You never know who stands behind that profile, or what kind of person now has approach to your data.

Latest updates and trends
(Facebook) for iOS or Android is no news, but it is still interesting to mention, since it allows you to connect to (Facebook) from your mobile phone or tablet. Timeline is also not new, but it helped (Facebook) to concentrate more on photos, and since humans are mainly visual, it makes (Facebook) more approachable. Nearby Friends is a new feature created to show what friends are near to your recent location. Of course, you do not need to turn it on, and if you do; you will receive information only about those friends who choose to turn it on, as well. All this latest trends are mostly connected to the mobile network development. Predictions say that is an area where (Facebook) should develop in the future.

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