24 March 2014
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24 March 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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What’s Trending?

What is a trending topic? Simply put, a trending topic is a word or phrase that everyone is talking about. It has been tagged more frequently than other tags and is appearing in everyone’s posts in one way or another. This may be something that is currently popular among users, like a new pop hit. When “Gangnam Style” and “The Fox” came out they were EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t look at social media without seeing them in one way or another, whether the songs themselves or parodies or jokes.” It could also be a current event that has happened or appeared on the news, such as when the Copenhagen Zoo killed one of their healthy giraffes to prevent inbreeding. Trending topics is a wonderful feature for those of us who spend more time on Facebook than watching the news. Personally, I absolutely love it.
It was Twitter who first started to introduce the idea of trending topics. The site displays their most popular hashtags on the left hand side of your opening page. Everyone wants to be under the trending topics and companies will run campaigns to see that they get under the top ten.
But it’s not just about your company or business being part of the top ten trending topics, but also using those trending topics to your advantage. For example, if a trending topic is #giraffes, find a way to use that so that you can post something about giraffes if it can be relevant to your company. You can look up the topics that are relevant to you and use them. By using one or more of the trending topics you are going to drive your traffic up.
Google+ also started to use this feature back in 2011, showing a list of their top ten topics on your homepage, showing that trending topics vary between the sites. What is popular on one may not be so popular on another. What is popular on Twitter may not be popular on Google+, may not be popular on Facebook, but one should keep in mind that if a topic is trending on all three, it’s huge and needs to be talked about.
Facebook has finally caught up this year with a trending topics feature of their own. Like the other sites it appears on your homepage, on the right hand side and is called “Trending.” It shows you four or five trending topics that you click on. Once you click on one you are taken to a page of relevant posts about the topic.
For example when the Disney show Jessie showed its first homosexual couple it almost instantly became a trending topic and you could see various posts of both delight and outrage. Trending topics have already gained a lot of traffic and only gain more once they are listed, so any time anything relevant to your company is listed it is highly suggested that you jump on it. Market carefully to use the trending topics to your advantage.

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