8 April 2014
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How Does YouTube Affect the Society?

People love to spend time on YouTube. The website contains every sort of video you can imagine. You can easily see the impact of YouTube on communication with the help of videos which are placed via various business organizations. It is very significant that we know the impact of this social media site on the society. This article is going help us in doing so.
Anyone case use YouTube. Anything can be uploaded on this website by any users. The impact created by this website could be positive and could be negative as well. The situation under consideration greatly determines it.
It has been researched out that you are going to find 21% of the videos on YouTube relevant to politics. Politics is a broad topic and it provides the chance of debate and discussion to all the users. The users are able to share what they see on the videos shared by YouTube. Mix of videos is created and then stretched on the entire web. This is a positive impact of YouTube. The viewers are able to see the videos and share their knowledge in the form of communities. In addition to the positive impacts, there are certain negativities which are attached with the use of YouTube.
Free speech can create issues. People stand up for their firms and communities with the help of videos. The negative impact of the use of YouTube is that it might lead to violation of censorships and copyright as well. The issue of censorship is most commonly seen on the web regarding the use of YouTube.
Personal reviews of people can also define the impact of the use of YouTube. People use it to share their videos and they are able to watch plenty of videos which are made on variety of subject. This could be termed as a positive impact of YouTube.
People consider the fact that a lot of things need to be changed on YouTube. Things, in fact, need to be controlled. YouTube has actually been created to help people. It was never meant to be a source of negativity; however, there are some people who use it for negative purposes as well and this creates a negative role of this site among people. The best thing about YouTube is that it let people find the videos of their own interest. They see it and share it via other social media sites too.
You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube. You would be happy to see that censorship is being applied to different videos. Child privacy is also applied to different websites we well. This is one of the most positive steps which have been taken by the owners of YouTube.
A lot of more efforts are being done by the owners in order to make YouTube the best site for all. Users find it really valuable and beneficial because of the benefits it has to offer. It helps people get useful information in a concise but explained form.

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