9 August 2014
9 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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YouTube Android Update

Like all other social media networks and web platforms, YouTube also experiences several updates in its functioning. Recently, it has been announced that Google has updated the application of YouTube for all of its Android users. The new updated application is of 5.5.27 version. It is now available to all the users of Smartphone who are running Android versions of 2.3.3 and above it.
This new version of the application of YouTube is available on Google Play Store for all the users of Android. The update incorporates several new features in it. It is now going to allow the users to find their playlists, channels and videos in the search results easily. In addition to this, the application is going to have tabs on the pages of channels for playlists, videos and activities. The search experience of the users is going to become much easier with the help of this application update.
In addition to all the aforementioned updated features, the application has come up with fixtures of bugs. This also includes fixture for Cast icon. This icon is used for appearing over the player whenever the user connects Bluetooth with some other device.
The test build up of the YouTube application was mistakenly placed by Google on the Google Play Store. The mistake was spotted by several technical blogs on the web. The company carried out the test quickly and replaced the version with the release of the latest updated application of YouTube.
The test build which was spotted provided a new icon along with latest settings for the most famous vide sharing website of the web. The application’s play logo has now been replaced with a dog bone icon. However, the shape of the icon is same as before.
The readers might get curious regarding the new replaced logo of YouTube application. They might be expecting that YouTube is going to come up with some new stuff. However, as the icon was changed because of a mistake, it clearly represents the dog fooding status of the updated application. For those who are not aware of the fact, dog fooding is a process which refers to the development of such a product or service by a firm which is used for testing before it is made available to the people for proper use.
The test build of the YouTube application contains a new option in it. It is present in the menu of settings of the application and is named as ExoPlayer. No information has been provided regarding this option as the update of the application was taken away from the Google Play Store immediately.
Audiences are waiting for the update to be available for regular use. However, no date has been provided by the company regarding its release. It is expected that the update is going to be released soon. Experts are still discussing on the features that are visible in the test build o the YouTube update app. The release of application update is on hold yet.

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