21 June 2014
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The Youtube Factor

The age of the World Wide Web dawned on the world with the advent of the twenty first century. In the past few years, various domains of internet usage have come into the picture. While orkut ushered in social networking, facebook has taken it to a different level altogether. Similarly, google leads the domain of search engines. There is another site which has come into the limelight recently, and that is Youtube. Developed in 2005 by a group of former paypal- Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim- employees, it is a video sharing site which has over a billion videos shared by millions of users all over the globe.
A People’s Site
The best part about youtube is that the users are the ones who upload as well as view the videos. So the variety of subjects, on which one is likely to find a video on the site, are almost endless. Not only individuals, but corporations can also upload content here. The content on the site has tripled in the past year. The users interested in uploading a video are supposed to register on the site and there are various ways in which the videos can be kept private and limited to a desired number of people or made public. There has been a lot of controversy in the past on the downloading of youtube videos. Today, the videos are downloadable to an extent. Youtube videos are linked via facebook and various other sites where innumerable videos are watched by users every single day. At social website level, about 400 comments are registered on youtube videos every minute.
The Pros
While it has multiple movie and TV series videos meant for fun, youtube also serves many other purposes for its users. Whether you wish to understand a certain thing especially related to electronic gadgets or you wish to learn a new language. Youtube offers everything. For example if one wishes to understand something as simple as how to configure the wifi on a blackberry, one can just type it on youtube and look at the solution. For certain purposes, visual explanations are better than written ones.
Talented filmmakers with insufficient budget backing their project can use youtube as a platform to reach the audiences and get feedback and even investments. There are communities on youtube which one may join to suit one’s requirements. In these groups, one may interact with the other members and share interesting videos with them.
The Cons
Every coin has a flipside and so does this popular website. It is usual for excessive and unregulated exposure to become a hazard to the society. The content on youtube is not regulated and hence some videos can be harmful for the viewers who may be tempted to emulate a dangerous trend propagated by the video. Parental control is scarce and underage kids can watch anything they like.
Some videos on youtube can be used by individuals to fulfil negative ends. People can learn how to break in by picking locks, etc.

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