8 July 2014
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8 July 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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YouTube About to Launch Exciting New Features

YouTube has now unveiled a new series of exciting features for the purpose of content creators as YouTube seeks to enhance its business on their video sharing website. YouTube in turn is stress up more and more commitment and stickiness on this platform. A new android creator studio app is now live and will be launched for iOS in few weeks while they are also planning redesigning the creator studio app for the computers. This tells us that content creators can now after all use their app to analyze and manage videos on the go.
Another important and exciting news is that YouTube has also teased for a 60 frames per second support for the videos uploading on YouTube. Now the video that you will upload on YouTube of a game footage, will look as awesome on YouTube as it looks on your gaming machine, when YouTube is going to launch its support of 48 and 60 frames per second in few months. You can watch few preview clips on the site creator channel on YouTube. To take full advantage of this exciting new feature of higher frame rates, videos should be of 1080p resolution, and you will also have to see those videos at the definition of viewing 48 or 60 frames per second too.
YouTube knows that it can’t go on peak without listening to what would their fans want. Therefore YouTube has also started new features to get it fans more involved. One of those new features include fan funding option, in which views can contribute money to give support to a creator’s channel at any time they want. YouTube says that many creators are testing the new feature on computers as well as for android in Mexico, Japan, Australia and US, but YouTube also promised to make it available for others countries very soon.
Another addition that empowers its fans is the addition of contributing subtitles to videos. YouTube says that in few months, fans will be allowed to submit their translations of any language, based on subtitles or maybe captions of a video that content creators have uploaded on YouTube. This will help a lot in increasing reach of viewership. This feature is no in testing period with many content creators including Got Talent Global and Barely Political. This feature is akin to what currently is being offered by Viki, which is also a global video sharing website which was bought by Rakuten in 2013.
Some other new features that YouTube is about to add includes sound effects in the Audio Library, and in next few months we can see creator credits on mutual videos being increased from only text shout outs to hyperlink tags, and new interactive info cards.
As YouTube is getting popular day by days and its business is booming, engagement with fans becomes a priority. A new platform named as Victorious is launched by YouTube to help the creators in empowering their individual apps for free.

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