10 August 2014
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10 August 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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YouTube Plans to Recast for the viewers

Google is recently working on the recast of YouTube as the social media network is trying to work for the rise of televisions. This would let the people watch videos in their TV rooms.
YouTube is looking forward to finish with the cable television and broadcast. This strategy would let the users stay online on the website for a long time. This would also convince the marketers that YouTube would be able to target the most desirable customers from the world.
YouTube is also planning on bringing several changes to the home page as well. It is going to highlight some channels around the topics of sports and arts. These channels are going to feature fewer hours of programming which is produced by professional people. There would be several other channels on YouTube which would be gathered from the content which is already present on the website.
It has been found out that there is a plan to spend around $100 million to the low quality content which would be specifically designed for the web.
These changes are going to push YouTube towards a new direction. Google is actually trying to carve out the targeted niche of professional and originally produced videos. It hopes that this change is going to bring potential viewers towards the website.
One of the representatives of YouTube said that YouTube has been experiencing an amazing growth in last few years. The website is expecting to experience further growth in the near future too.
The video streaming services of YouTube are expanding over time. More and more people are using this social media network to watch the most desirable videos.
These changes are putting a lot of pressure on satellite and cable companies. They are busy with the development of new services for competing with YouTube.
All the efforts are representing new phase for YouTube. YouTube gained a lot of dominance as it is a website which has been designed for driving traffic to the videos. It also helps the videos to get correctly promoted on the web. Previously, it did not have much contact with the owners of content. Its main focus was the maximization of traffic to the popular videos.
Google purchased this website in 2006. It had to face a lot of pressure for turning this website into a profit earning space. YouTube started hunting for the content like movies and TV. This effort was made in order to make the sales of ads easier.
YouTube has also features a lot of content of entertainment for the users. However, all of such content used to be posted with the permission of the owners. A filtering system was installed by the website on the response of the complaints of the users.
However, now the company is investing in a program instead of spending larger sums for getting the license. YouTube is further aiming to build up such a network which would solely comprise of ad supported channels, which would allow the users to spend more time with. The audiences would be able to watch YouTube in the same way as they watch TV.

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