15 May 2014
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15 May 2014, by BuyMoreLikes
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YouTube’s Worldwide Fame

With the virtual world gaining importance in the everyday working of one’s life, videos have become an essential part for everyone and when it comes to the online experience, videos are one of the most sought items that the internet users go after. Whether the videos are the drama series, or the song that recently got released, or whether it is the tutorial you wanted to see, everything is hosted on YouTube and this fact makes YouTube the biggest video portal online.
Being an incredible site which has more than 3 billion visits per day, YouTube makes the perfect place for the marketers to start their marketing campaign and find their potential clients and eventually convert them into sales. YouTube is a USA based site, but most of the traffic the site generates is from all over the world, with only 30% emerging from inside the country. This means the site has access to people all around the world and when you will be using it for advertising your products, you are actually gaining access to people from all over the world. This further implies that a huge number of traffic can be targeted by using YouTube as an advertisement tool.
Because YouTube has access to such a large number of people and that too, all over the globe, this signifies the fact that any video on YouTube will go viral when posted. Viral effect means that the spread is quick and reaches a very large number of audience in little time. This is the reason why YouTube is famous as being the home of viral video. Another good way is to combine other social media forums such as Facebook and Instagram with the YouTube marketing as it will help direct the clients to view your video and make it attract more fame. When any video on the website gains popularity, it is displayed on the YouTube homepage, which further adds to your advantage. You will be headed towards fame and will see yourself as an emerging businessman.
The other good aspect which the site offers is the number of views. You can actually know how many views each of your video is receiving and allows you to track the figure. And the good news is that for this, you do not need to go through a complicated process. You can know the number of views by checking right below the video as the site has facilitated this. This allows you to know how speedily you are moving towards fame and how good are you at finding your customers. The other tools which allow you to know which direction are you moving in are the comments and the number of likes.
By offering these various and easy to use tools, YouTube has made a much suitable website for everyone who has stepped up into the business world and wants to attain fame. By using it, you can reach heights unimaginable and connect to a huge number of audience from all over the world.

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