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SoundCloud Plays

Receive 5,000+ SoundCloud Plays in about 3~5 days. Optional extras & Sponsored Mentions available.

SoundCloud Plays

Get More People Listen to Your Music, Buy SoundCloud Plays Today!

In the world of music, having an audience is something that trumps everything else at the end of the day. If you have ever wondered why some great tracks or musicians on SoundCloud are not as famous or viral as they should be, it is because they do not have a good number of plays on their songs. If you are a musician and you go to a record label, they are also interested in knowing how many plays and how many people you have that back up your soundtracks. When it comes to a platform like SoundCloud, the number of plays go a considerable way in determining the success of your music.


After you place an order with us for our number of plays, Buy More Likes start sending them out in a gradually increasing manner that is completely authentic and suspicion-free. This is a service that helps your song get a kickstart as you don’t have to start from zero plays on your song and as the number of please increases, new listeners are attracted towards your track as it starts to go viral. This helps in you expanding your fan base in a way that is profitable to you at the end of the day, as you keep on adding more and more people who genuinely like your soundtrack. This is something that can help you set your songs apart from your competition in a desirable way. We deliver all of the services with a very quick turn-around time that makes it possible for us to finish this process in a matter of hours. Please note that we do not ask for your login credentials and all the information as well as communication that is exchanged between us is kept strictly confidential. This is a service that is backed up by our 100% money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty for the plays as well.


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