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Promote Your Brand through Effective Employee Engagement on Facebook

Promote Your Brand through Effective Employee Engagement on Facebook

Almost everyone is on Facebook nowadays. As a business person, you can take advantage of the large number of people on the platform and advertise your business on the site. The best way to let your business be known is by engaging your employees.

It’s estimated that an average Facebook user has 200 friends. It’s also said that 20-50% of friends get to see each other’s posts; therefore, if you have 10 employees and they share your brand on Facebook, your brand has the potential of reaching over 1000 people at a go.
The good side is that, not only is your brand going to reach the large number of people, but it will also be presented as a trust. This is because it will have been recommended by a friend.

While employees are integral in promoting your brand on Facebook, you should not make your employees engage on work material with their personal Facebook page. The best way is to create a post on your business Facebook page, then ask your employees to like and share the post.
To incentivize your friends to place comments and share your Facebook posts, you should offer small amounts of money. For example, you can give one dollar for every comment on a status and two dollars on every share made.
To ensure that employees don’t like, comment and share you into the poorhouse, you should put a maximum amount that each employee can earn in a day. Ten dollars a day is sufficient to ensure that a good number of employees are engaged and you don’t get poor promoting your brand.
When paying the bonus, the most effective way to do it is to pay in cash. While paying, ensure that you call an employee meeting and award the bonus in the meeting. This way, the bonus will be more tangible and it will motivate more employees to get on board.
If you don’t have money to give out as incentive, and your workplace blocks social media access, you can allow employees to access Facebook to share and like your posts. The simple act of giving your employees an opportunity to access social media is enough to motivate your employees and you don’t need to pay any incentive.

While employees share your posts on Facebook, they should always observe rules and regulations. For example, they should not be salesy in their posts. Being salesy is a turnoff and it’s detrimental to your business.