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Use of Social Media in Marketing

Use of Social Media in Marketing

Use of social media in marketing has been on the rise in current times. This is because social media has the potential to reach a multitude of people within a short period of time. Top social media networks used in marketing are: facebook, twitter, Myspace, Instagram and Foursquare. Also, blogs have become very strong in the marketing campaign.
When using social media as your marketing tool, you need to take it very seriously and treat it just like you would treat any other marketing plan. Of major importance, you should draft a business plan.

Business Plan
The business plan should be excellently drafted and it should contain all necessary information. Information that it should be contained in the business plan includes:
Explanation as to why you are using social media as your marketing tool. Here you should explain the reasons as to why you prefer using social media and not any other tool.

You should also give your objective. You should clearly explain what you intend to achieve in your marketing. If you have any special goals that you intend to realize, you should also list them. Although, you should have goals that you want to achieve, you should ensure that the goals are real and attainable i.e. the goals should not be vague.

Another thing that should be well explained is the strategy that you will use in your marketing. You should ensure that you don’t write a random strategy. The strategy that you put down should be thoroughly researched. The strategy should encompass the tactics that you will use to realize your objectives. Also, you should clearly explain how you will implement the strategy.

Points to note
Although, you may have the most informational business plan in the world, it will not work if you don’t understand your product and your target customers. To ensure that your efforts are fruitful, you should take time to understand your potential customers. If you have identified people that you want to sell your products to, you should interact with them and understand their needs.

To ensure that you meet every customer’s needs, you should categorize the customers into different groups and maintain a database of the customers. When you have a good number of customers in your database, you should contact them via the social media platform (face book, twitter, e.t.c.,) and understand the needs of the people. After understanding the needs of the people, you should create a product aimed at solving the people’s problems. To make your efforts more successful, you should aim at making your product a brand.

Social media marking holds great potential and it should be used by any business. The good side is that the social media platform helps you to maintain a database of potential customers, which are the most important people in any business.