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How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales

How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales

As it could not be otherwise, we know that where we find many people always find sellers. This can be in a football stadium, at a concert or in a social network. Many of them offer spaces to turn a simple visit to interact with friends in temptations to buy or sell products.
While in networks such as Orkut or Twitter these sales end up being a consequence of appropriation made by its users, who decide to sell something or enjoy the place to publicize promotions, Facebook, accumulating 750 million people and is the largest social network world, there is a planned space and a real opportunity to transform this site into a true sales machine.

How to use Facebook for your business?
Facebook is a social network that most managed to adapt to business needs by creating tools so that they relate to their customers, through calls fan pages, how to promote their products through advertisements.

Facebook as a platform for generation of insights
The monitoring and analysis of the actions of interest groups and opinion are factors that assist in generating insights for enterprises.
This actively helps in launching new products through qualitative analysis of key groups.

Advertise on Facebook
The major benefits of advertising on Facebook are:
• Consolidation of the brand.
• Achieve the user effectively without causing hassles.
• Loyalty and brand awareness through different actions.
• Increase conversions.
• Targeting specific audiences.
The strategy to start a Facebook campaign begins with the analysis of the target audience profile.

The content on Facebook
The purpose of Facebook is to help users share information.
Add photos and videos to ensure that your business page on Facebook always have interesting content and add value to your image.

Practical tips for boosting business on Facebook
1. Be interactive, fun and helpful. When people like a page, are looking for some kind of interactivity. A good user of Facebook offers fans links, applications and relevant and engaging content.
2. Incorporate videos. There is no reason to send your fans to YouTube if they can watch videos right from your page.
3. Connect your Facebook profile with the world. Promote events through photos and updates, for example.
4. Create contests on Facebook. Contests are fun and engage people around a product, service or cause. Moreover, attracts more fans.
5. Integrate Facebook with traditional advertising practices. Add the Facebook logo in print ads or promote contests in other media to bring people to access your fan page online.
6. Use Facebook to increase your list of emails and vice versa. Use the e-mail newsletter to promote fan page and fan page to promote the newsletter, is a two-way street.
7. Introduce new products for Facebook first. People who sign up to receive their news on Facebook usually are the most loyal consumers. Reward them by giving first-hand information and they will help you promote to others.
8. Wish welcome new visitors. You need to maximize the percentage of people who visit your page and click the button like. One means of achieving this goal is to implement landing page welcome that invites new visitors to like your page.