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Tips to boost your business using Twitter

Tips to boost your business using Twitter

These tips are not basic tips, but are simple to apply. Tips are already being implemented by some companies, which aim to increase engagement with the target audience.
Many people evaluate the Twitter superficially and conclude that it is a waste of time. While this may have a grain of truth, realize that like all marketing tactics, must be analyzed to realize ways to align it to their goals.

Why Use Twitter For Business?

1 – Make link with their testimonies on Twitter
Create a button “See what they say about us on Twitter”. This can be done using the “favorites” feature from Twitter, marking posts that contain positive comments about your company / products, and making them available on the Home Page and / or on the registration confirmation page.
This feature serves to show, for both users and non users of Twitter, the positive view of users. Could be created an RSS feed of this URL, to make the content in real time in a blog or website.

2 – Socialize your “landing page”
Insert some links to the Twitter below of calls to actions, to continue the conversation by twitter or other social media. You can use links to promote the brand.

3 – A picture is worth more than a thousand words.
With a Twit pic account, you can use photos taken by cell phones and send them by email to an account. The subject of the email will be the message that will appear as a link to the photo. If your company uses this type of feature in events, your audience will feel more engaged.

4 – Change the photo of the Twitter home page throughout the year
Use different photos to promote products and events throughout the year.

5 – Direct conversations using hash tags.
When people start to comment on your brand / product on Twitter, you have little control over the conversation, But you can influence when you have an event or promotion, creating a hash tag to focus the conversation and engage your target audience. Is it possible to monitor these conversations using the search tool Tweitter, Tweetchat or Search.twitter.com?

6 – Direct conversations using specific Twitter accounts
Create specific accounts for long-duration events or product launches.

7-Track Twitter as a source of traffic
Plan tracking the flow of Twitter traffic to your website. Try to identify which posts generate conversions (registration, sales and others).

8 – Use Twitter to generate traffic to your website
“Tweeting” about tips and resources that you or your employees have posted or made available on the company website or blog (include the twitter links to articles that can be downloaded for free). If visitors assess what content is interesting and creates value, they may start to “tweet” about it and share this information with your followers.

9 – Monitor your brand in Twitter
Use Twitter Search (http://search.twitter.com) to search and track what eventually talk about your business / products / services / competitors. Plan to use RSS feeds in a feed reader to access these search results. When you indentificar any situation or opportunity that deserves interact with the person, make contact!
Good Business and Success!