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Using Twitter Part 1

Using Twitter Part 1

Twitter is website you can use for connecting globally with the world and stay connected with your favourite social contacts. It gives us the opportunity to promote our business with the help of the internet and social marketing. Twitter helps in promoting the work of the companies and improves their economy.

Twitter has a number of uses and benefits for the company and can also complement other communication channels in different ways:-

– Communicate
Twitter is a way to keep your fans updated with the latest information about your company. Importantly, it allows fans to communicate with you. For example, movie theaters use Twitter to chat with customers, for sending movie premiere clips and tweets of interest to movie fans and experts.

– Generating Leads
Tweet about special offers or new products may encourage their followers to discover more which in return can lead to more sales. For example, tour operators can send information regarding special promotions such as “buy one get one free” via Twitter.

– Show your brand personality
Twitter is an opportunity to revitalize any person or company image. Positive tweets about your employees and your brand personality give your fan’s a sense of belonging with your company. For example, libraries can use language and quirky humor to share links of interesting articles, promote events, and reviews on literary prizes announced on new products on Twitter.

– Research trends
Search messages from Twitter can give you an idea of the trends and topics that Twitter users interested in. As Twitter works in real time, so you can explore the conversations that are happening at any moment of time.Twitter can tell about the hot topics of the moment, and you are able to know what Twitter users are saying about your brand, your competitors and your product category.

– Benefits of Twitter
Your Internet marketing can be done for free, if you use Twitter in a proper way. Your goal should be that with proper marketing the clients should come looking for you after understanding your tweets, passion and interests. You can use Tweets for your target audience and you can also identify your competitors and strategies used by their tweets.Twitter allows you to connect to network efficiently with large groups of people. Twitter and its third-party applications can be used effectively to help the user to interact with their target markets. You can manage your Internet marketing campaigns in relevant groups efficiently with Twitter.Normally, the communication process will require more time as compared to using tweets for the same purpose. For example, if you have a site that communicates via surveys or having personal contact forms, it will be time consuming and impersonal. You can only have written posts astweets, but a response from your target market will be much faster as compared to other methods. Twitter helps gather knowledge in real time from target market in an easier way.The speed of communication is just fantastic with Twitter. It also helps to maintain long-lasting relationship as many companiesget to know about their customers and their requirements.