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Using YouTube Part 1

Using YouTube Part 1

YouTube is an online public communications site. YouTube offers users free to watch videos. It was released on February 14, 2005, by three former PayPal employees Jawed, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They launched the beta test version of this Web site. YouTube allows people to discover new things, watch and share their media originally-created by public. They designed this site to let people from different countries to share their videos with the rest of the world. In November 2005, a company named Sequoia Capital invested $3.5 million in the site, and a month later YouTube emerged as a full-fledged Web destination.

YouTube provides a huge platform as per social and business point of view and is successively providing profit to worldwide users.

Growth: The growth of YouTube started aggressively fast and it achieves a lot within no time. In 2006, YouTube was growing very fast on web millions of videos were uploaded on YouTube; the users were increasing very fast. The California-based web information company Alexa, ranked YouTube the fifth most popular website on internet. Thousands of videos were uploading every day. Users have been addicted to YouTube as for enjoyment and for their business point of view.

Google Company: After its huge success in 2006, Google purchase this video site. The purchase price was 1.65 billion dollars. Google replaces some policies of the YouTube and it found a marketing company for your new purchase is in full swing. The experts made statements about YouTube is a lucrative business. YouTube was the most expensive purchase made by Google for its eight-year history.

Advertising Campaign: YouTube owners start advertising campaign on their site. The owners of YouTube want this site to produce money by commercial. Advertisement firstly launched on the site in March 2006. Advertising becomes YouTube’s central mechanism for gaining revenue. Advertisements on YouTube seems to be profitable for companies as well as Google. YouTube starts advertisements using AdSense. YouTube starts giving money on their uploaders for best videos. The newly generated companies seeks interest in advertising with YouTube. This was golden era for YouTube. YouTube has become one of the top profitable website in the world.

YouTube’s Influence on Society: Some people seeks that YouTube has bad influence on society and others said good one. But it is not true. There is nothing we can surely say about. But we can say that there is always two sides of coin. It effects in way we use it.

1. Free: YouTube is a free to use site and can be used by anyone.
2. Feedback System: People can write their feedback on videos which make a video differential from others.
3. Business: The advertising of YouTube is helpful in business growth.
4. Anyone Anywhere: Anyone can use YouTube. YouTube is widely spread and can be used anywhere.
1. No Parental Control Feature: YouTube has bad effect on Kids. There is no option in YouTube of parental control.
2. Copyright Infringement Problem: The Copyright Infringement cases are increasing on YouTube.The video uploads on YouTube are sometimes found to be Copyright Infringement.