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3 Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

3 Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results

Looking for better methods to measure and gauge your social media activities? Are your social media efforts worthwhile? Why Measure?
To measure effectiveness, it’s critical that you very well know your business objective. You may want to put in place a measurable outcome within a timeframe. It is now possible to decide the media platform that conforms to your business objective.

#1: Quantify Your Social Media Listening

Social media listening is probably one of the most overlooked uses, yet probably the most significant. If your business is not listening to customers, it’s missing the whole point of social media. But how does one listen?

For example if you are using twitter:
• Monitor tweets of those you are interacting with constantly, engage with them and answer their questions while helping them
• Use Twitter’s advanced search to locate people who are near you, how many are following you, if your followers are growing, learning about customer problems/challenges in relation to your business and what could be down in your business.

At the end of your measurement period, do some prioritizing, fixing and measure the direct impact

#2: Create a Rating System for Your Social Engagement

The rating system is simple yet very effective rating method that can be used to create awareness. It’s a smart way to It measures responses to your Twitter and Facebook efforts or any other social channel you could be using.

Likes indicate support while comments show deeper interest. Shares are very valuable because they move your update beyond your own page

Translate your business objective into a numeric goal, and then engage a tiered point system to gauge the different types of engagement to give you feedback on likes, comments and shares depending on value to you. A quick sum of these values will give a feel of the direction your Facebook is moving in relation to your objective. The same can be applied to Twitter for replies and retweets.

#3: Add Tons of Value, Then Sell and Measure

This is based on giving great content that will add tons of value for customers before asking for a sale. Offer your valuable content to build more trust with your potential customers. For example you can offers coupon and then quantify those who claim and redeem.

You can then use the tiered point strategy to determine the direction of your content in regard to your business goal.