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11 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up-to-Date Part 1

11 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up-to-Date Part 1

When was the last time you reviewed your Page on Facebook? As a business are you maximizing from latest features? Some useful hints:

#1: Maximize Your Page Cover Image
Recently Facebook guidelines were updated and restrictions have been loosened regarding display on main Page cover image. You can now display your web address here, a call to action etc. You can communicate more information.

#2: Evaluate Your Profile Image
The first thing that users see when they glance through their news feed is your profile image. Your picture as the owner of the business should not be your business logo or image! Not unless you are the brand itself. Your logo should help in reinforcing your company brand.

#3: Review Your Tab Thumbnails
Your Facebook tab thumbnails normally appear below the cover image and they lead to the applications in use on the Page. Facebook gives you the opportunity to showcase 3 tab apps which are always visible to your Page. Ensure these 3 capture attention.

#4: Maximize Use of Tab Apps
Tab apps make great methods of boosting engagement on your Facebook Page. They do offer incentive and interactive options that may draw potential visitors to your Facebook Page and boost more engagement. Ensure that all your tabs are up to date and are visible in their three slots just below the image

#5: Use the Short Description
Your Page can show a brief description of that displays below the cover image and the profile image at the top of your Page. The approximately 155 characters space available for short description should give a concise statement regarding your business and also list your URL.

#6: Optimize the About Section for Search
Ensure you complete and review the rest of the About area, which includes: Description, Overview, Mission and General information. Be sure to contain your key words for the search engines.

Part 2 will continue next week 🙂