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11 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up-to-Date part 2

11 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page is Up-to-Date part 2

For part one visit http://fastfacebooklikes.com/11-checks-ensure-facebook-page-date-part-1

#7: Customize Your Facebook URL
Customize your Facebook Page by selecting and choosing a unique username. Remember your URL can only be changed once, after the original setting and choose wisely.

#8: Review Your Category
If the business has physical location where customers can walk in, remember to change your FB category to Local Business which will allow users to be able to check into your location. This raises awareness about your business. Check ins also become part of graph engine search results

#9: Activate Replies to Comments
This feature is allows Pages to give their community or users the ability to reply or respond to a comments on the thread. The threaded comments feature enables more richer and specific interaction around the comment.

#10: Review Admins and Roles
Always update your Admins list is current and roles clearly stipulated and that all Admins listed are active or assisting you to manage the Page.

#11: Check Your Notification Settings
Page managers should regularly take time and visit the Your Settings area, review the active notifications types. Interactions with your Page are important and the first step of engagement