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Four Steps to Achieving Your Social Media Goals

Four Steps to Achieving Your Social Media Goals

Wondering how you are going to attain the social media you set this year? Too much time spent on social networks with little to show?

#1: Set Realistic Goals
When setting your business goals have one that is realistic and measurable.
For starters, if you are running a small bakery and you usually sell 15 crates of scones per day why don’t you set a goal of selling 20 per day. Obviously attempting to sell 20 is much more realistic than a goal of 45.

#2: Help Your Customer
Decide how social media will help you attain it.
Emphasis should be on having great content, engaging the other people and delivering marketing messages. This will lead to business growth.
This business principle transforms the mindset from, ‘What can I sell to you?’ to ‘How can I help you?’

How do you help the customer?
• First decide who your customer per each goal is. Your audience first and you can grasp their challenges.
• Devise different strategies to assist them overcome those challenges. Use great content on your social media network to solve those challenges.
• Be sure to evaluate results

#3: Know Your Traffic Sources
It is critical to know from where your traffics come from so you now can maximize that time you take or spend on social media. Go through your Google Analytics for this purpose.

Having executed the social media strategy for about 30 days compare results and you will be to know which network is driving your traffic to your website and where you should now focus. Spend more time where your audience is spending theirs

#4: Build Content Strategy
Now to pull it off: generate content that is helpful; align your content with your followers and business objectives; include a call to action!