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Six Tips To Your Winning Facebook Page part 2

Six Tips To Your Winning Facebook Page part 2

View part one here http://fastfacebooklikes.com/six-tips-winning-facebook-page-part-1
4: Choose Featured Likes
By liking the other Facebook pages of business helps you to make new connections for your company.
Why will you need to do this? The reason can be, you may like to feature pages that could be linked to your business.

To choose featured likes option, take the step to your Admin Panel, choose Edit Page, then Edit Settings after then click More plus Select Featured.3

5: Bookmark Facebook’s Page Guidelines
You should always bookmark to Facebook’s Page Guidelines to get in touch what has changed recently because Facebook often change its policy regarding pages.

6: Adapt Yourself In Business With Your Facebook Account.
You can change your own personal account into business, try to see other business pages how they are running and earning. You can be expert in Facebook, if you use your account as a page. To use as page click on the setting in the peak of the right corner of Facebook profile, then you will see your page created by you.

Note: You need create page firstly to use a page instead of account.