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How Facebook is good for you?

How Facebook is good for you?

According to a research, the users of Facebook spend an average of more than 15 hours per month on the social media networks. Although a lot has been said regarding the intense use of these sites, yet the percentage of people using social media networks is increasing over time. This article explains those ways Facebook might be good for the users. Here you go!

Facebook Improves Your Love Life:
Facebook is playing a major role in the business of matchmaking. Researchers have proved that 60% of the singles friend new people on Facebook after they meet with them in person. If they show some interest, then 25% of these people are likely to contact through Facebook. In addition, around 40% of the people on social media network update their status on Facebook.

In short, it is playing a major role in the love lives of Facebook users.

Academic Benefits:
Facebook also helps the students in getting the degree which they have been looking for. According to a research, it has been found that the students who were active on Facebook were least dropped out of the school as compared with those who don’t use Facebook.

The research further found out that the students usually returned to their second year classes were more active users of Facebook as compared with the people who don’t use it.

It has also been found that the students who remain active on Facebook show enthusiasm towards their studies and college environment.

Increase the Productivity:

Most of the people argue that people get distracted by the use of social media networks. However, the research has proved that the case might turn opposite.

According to a research, it has been found out that the ten minutes time which is spent by the employees on Facebook make them feel happier; they feel fresh and give out better productivity.

The study took place in three groups. One group was not allowed to take any break during work. They were only allowed to use internet for about 10 minutes. The studies revealed that the people who used Facebook turned out to be more productive as compared with the people who had no breaks at all. It can be concluded that Facebook improves your productivity and you feel fresh and productive after using it for some specific time period.

These are a few benefits which are rendered by the use of Facebook to the users. The intense use is not at all advantageous; however, a minimal use makes people happy and they feel better and productive. The activities which are available on Facebook refresh the mind of the users and they feel quite better after long hours of work.

The above mentioned benefits make Facebook a good social media network. Obviously, it would have some cons as well. However, this article has tried to give out those reasons which prove that there is no harm in using Facebook for a limited period of time in a day.