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Why Must One Use Twitter?

Why Must One Use Twitter?

Most of the people misunderstand the purpose of the existence of Twitter. There are people who think they don’t need to use it at all. However, it has been observed that Twitter has some exceptional potential to enlighten us. This article discusses how that is so. Let’s have a read!

All of us are distinctive from one another. Each one of us had a different life with different passions and intellectual minds. Whenever we need to choose a path, we need to have a distinct knowledge about it. With the help of Twitter, we can peek in to the minds of each other in order to get the insights.

The authors do a lot of server side processing work for making their output rich and as efficient as possible. The basic goal is to make it easy for the readers to consumer the information. The readers get the deep insight and knowledge and gain effectively out of their tweets. They don’t have to carry out reading and research processes. They don’t have to specialize in the field in order to understand it. Knowledge is the best thing we get from Twitter.

We get to follow just the right people on Twitter. By choosing the right people to follow, we are able to see a lot of artists, explorers, entrepreneurs, physicist etc. Normal people have a lot of interesting things to say about their perspectives. The readers can surely learn a lot from their tweets.

With the help of Twitter, we get to understand things in a precise manner. We don’t have to do the research by ourselves. We get to have the better understandings of the things from the people who truly understand them.

One of the greatest challenges of Twitter would be to refine our experiences of life in the form of precise words. It is one of the skills in itself.

However, in addition to the valuable and learned people, there are wrong people as well. Therefore, it is better to find out the right people to be followed on Twitter and unfollow the wrong ones. These kinds of people show themselves as educated and learned and bring Twitter’s value down to a great extent.

Twitter has made the process of knowledge spread efficient, accessible and portable. We don’t have to purchase books and read them to learn things. We don’t have to lock ourselves in libraries. We don’t need to have any personal meeting or friendship to know their thoughts. Twitter helps in opening two way street between the thoughts. It creates an ideal way of conversation.

Twitter provided a way to share the thoughts in a condensed way. You can share the thoughts which are pre-filtered.
So, in case you are asked why Twitter exists, tell them that Twitter is about leveraging the specialization of different people. If we are all going to take a variant road, we would be able to reach the destination of wisdom in a combined way.