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The Impact of YouTube on Society

The Impact of YouTube on Society

Most of the internet users spent considerable time on YouTube. You can easily find out every imaginable video on this website. The impact of YouTube on communication can be viewed through videos which are placed on the website through variant organizations. It is very important to know if the impact of YouTube is good for the society or not.

YouTube is available to be used by anyone. Anything can be uploaded on the website. Therefore, its impact could be positive and it could be negative as well. It solely depends on the situation which is under consideration.

According to a research, around 21% of the videos which are uploaded on YouTube are relevant to politics. Politics is a very common topic and it gives rooms for debate and discussion. Users share what they see through YouTube and thus, create a mix of videos which are spread across variant social media websites. In this aspect, YouTube is seen as a positive outlet. The viewers are able to share their concepts and form discussion communities. However, there are some drawbacks too.

Free speech has the power to create an issue. There are some people who would stand up for their organizations in the form of videos. This is a negative impact as it would lead to violations of copyrights and censorships. This has created the issues of censorship on YouTube too.

The personal views of people can have a great impact on how they see YouTube. There are people who use it to share videos and watch a lot of videos which are based on various subjects. With this aspect, it could be viewed as positive.

On the other hand, there are people who think that there are a lot of things which need to be controlled on YouTube. It is a negative thought for the people who make it a negative one. However, it has not meant to be negative in nature. It has been developed to help the people in sharing their videos and letting other people see what you want to show. In addition, it is a platform for people to watch the videos of their own interest. It entirely depends on the user what he wants to share and what he wants to see.

You are going to find almost all kinds of videos on YouTube. The good thing is that, the censorship is applied to various videos which must not be seen by specified people. Age limits have been given which prevent the children from watching the videos which they should not, which is a really positive effort for not exploiting the children.

Further efforts are being made by the authorities to make it more beneficial to the users. Most of the internet users find this website highly valuable and beneficial for their fields of work and interest as all kinds of videos are available on this website. Valuable information is shared in a concise but explained form to help the people across the world.