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Five Helpful Twitter Features

Five Helpful Twitter Features

Twitter and other forms of social media are always evolving to better serve you! As times change and technology grows they come up with new features to make using their services more pleasurable and more convenient. Here are some new features that are showing up on Twitter.
1. Download Your Tweets.
This feature isn’t quite available yet, but it has been announced that in the near future you will be able to download all your tweets. That means you will have every tweet you have tweeted since the birth of your account until the moment you click the download button.

2. Cool New Photo Filters.
Twitter has recently partnered with Aviary to use special effects and filters on the photos that you upload. This is to help encourage users to share their pictures which are more engaging and exciting than simple texts.

3. More Trending Topics
Twitter is adding dozens of new cities to their Trending Topics feature from all over the world. This means you will be able to find out what the most popular hashtags are whether you’re interested in India, Germany, or Turkey. But don’t let the new vastness of the Trending Topics scare you, you have the ability to choose the country or city you are interested in and receive the trending topics specifically for that area.

4. Negative Keywords
Everybody knows that if you want to gain followers you need to appropriately tag your tweets. No one likes spam and finding things that they weren’t searching for, like an ugly dog in a sea of cute kitten photos, it’s just not cool. Well now you can further narrow your searches by using what is known as “negative keyword targeting.” For example, you want to write a tweet about the planet Mars and the Curiosity Rover, you can now make sure that people searching for the candy bars, or for singer Bruno Mars don’t end up with your tweet by using “Bruno” and “candy” as negative keywords. This way you aren’t wasting the time of others and more specifically reach your target audience.

5. Get Creative!
Not so long ago, Twitter introduced Twitter profiles which let you get creative and add
header photos and customize your profile however you want. Your header photo is a great way to make a lasting impression.
It’s the first thing that people will see when they click on your profile and choosing the right photo is important if you want to convey the right message, especially for those who depend upon Twitter for advertising and marketing reasons.

Twitter will continue to come up with new ways to make your experiences better. These advancements are surely only the beginning. We will no doubt see new and exciting ideas coming to life through Twitter and other forms of social media.