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The Directors Social Media

The Directors Social Media

My Favorite Job
I am an upcoming video director, I love to direct anything from music videos to short films or simply record your wedding, this is a job that I love to do and I feel inspired when I do it. This job has taken me to places I never imagined in my life and that I never thought I will be able to go to, the creation that goes into each artwork that’s how I call it, artwork. That I make it’s amazing and is out of this world I’m very, very proud of my work. My customer base is very demanding so I constantly have to be updating all my social media.

My Pages
I currently have a Facebook page to publish all my data from links to comments, pictures or short videos that I take on this wild experience that is my life. Besides that I also have a YouTube page where I show all my customers a preview of the work that I have done, publicity by this social media it’s out of this world. I also have an Instagram this is actually use to capture those 15 second videos, when we are in an area that I’m shooting I usually take a 15 second video of the surroundings and how my setup is so it’s a good way to show my fan base all my work, in a way.

The Social Updates
My YouTube account mostly controls everything, for example: When I post a video on my YouTube that automatically goes to my Facebook page and my fan base looks at my videos. I actually have a camera that I always keep handy to capture moments that I’m recording on scene, that camera is always catching the special moments that we make fun things, when we make jokes and so much more. we have fun in this job and we are playing around a lot of the times, we don’t have a lot of free time but the free time we have we enjoyed to the fullest and we like to record it and put it on the internet for our followers.

It is very important to always have your YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts updated. So all your followers can be on top of your social interactions due to the fact that this is a way to connect with your fan base and as well you received a feedback of the work you have done Social Medias come to help us in every way possible, so we should benefit from it and a hundred percent.

To Conclude
All this technology that we have here right now. Has actually come to help us, Facebook has made the world be all in one page information in Facebook is sent to parts that are unknown, YouTube has actually provided us with a constant footage of everything that is going around the world, Instagram is now showing us specific capture moments of people’s life. All these social media is coming to connect the world in one place the Internet helps us a lot, because we are now all connected and the information is not far away.