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The Social Connection between Sites

The Social Connection between Sites

Websites have learn to work together
In this short but yet very educative article, I’m going to provide you the importance of the social connection between websites. The Social Network has actually decided to work together to move forward by creating plug-in that will connect them to each other for example having the information in your YouTube or Instagram accounts send to your Facebook account when you post them on those accounts. Some of you may think that you are providing your personal life to the entire world but if you take the corrective measures you can block from other members seeing this very personal information.

Let’s start with Instagram
Instagram is actually owned by Facebook now and is part of their platform. Most people use Instagram to take pictures and then when they are posting it in there Instagram they also send it to their Facebook it is a way to continue with the social information on Facebook. They have actually made sure to have everything connected to them, this way they never lose popularity. The way this works is basically the friends you have an Instagram will see your picture but if you also share it with your Facebook your friends in Facebook will see your picture as well, you also have the option not to share with Facebook and only keep it in Instagram but this will be your choice.

YouTube Videos
If you are not as a musician, an actress, a director, a record company, a homemade video person or anything in that sort and you have a YouTube account. You can post your videos and also share with your Facebook page, Facebook friends and your Facebook groups or communities, you have the option available. You also have the option of not sharing with Facebook when you posted a video on your YouTube account. You will be showing the entire world or at least a part of it meaning friends, closest relatives, friends of friends or if you are promoting fans. Whatever it is that you post is all about showing your talent, show ourselves in our normal activities or showing our products. YouTube and Facebook have connected to become a great source of promotion to anything you want, just show it to the world. I know your thinking: What would I like to show to the world?

To conclude
This is very important information that I need to provide to you today. It is very, very important that you are aware of what social network has done to the world, It has basically connected everything out there to have all in one place. If you are able to sit down on your computer and read everything there is online, you’ll be able to see that now to login to any account you can use Facebook, it is great because it makes it easier for us to get into our pages by just having to log in once to one site. I encourage you to look into this information more deeply and see how the world is getting connected together; Facebook has come here to stay and is currently doing everything in his power to be number one.