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Instagram: all about it

Instagram: all about it

Instagram doesn’t need much description for any modern Internet user. For those, who are still unaware of it (though I believe there are scarcely many of them), let me remind that it’s the modern social network which helps you upload your photos from your mobile phone or tablet and share them with your friends; you can also do some initial photo-editing. However, do you really need Instagram? Will Instagram be useful for you or your business? Let me try to answer these question.

To have or not to have Instagram?

If you think that Instagram is just another one app for your smartphone, which will be outdated very soon, you’re mistaken. Instagram is not a new thing. It was launched in October 2010 and since that the number of users have been growing. So, this app has passed the test of time. It becomes larger and better every year, and it will last for a long time.

Instagram is also the app of the future. It is very popular among the younger, hipper audience. Experts predict that it will be the main social network in the nearest feature. This is also the photo app. So, why to write long, dull posts if you can only share a photo? If you’re asked “How are you?” or “What are you doing now?”, you may not type the answer but just to send some visual proof of your current state or activity. It’s much easier to perceive. It’s simpler and more informative. Photos show your emotions, ideas, feelings, thoughts and reality. These things can be lost in the text. Remember any news feed. The post with the picture is always first to be noticed. We’ll just quickly browse pictureless posts, but we will always look at the image.

People like to speak with people. Photos are excellent to tell people who you are, what person you are. They also will help you disclose the essence of your brand. Spontaneous photos of your staff or photos of your private life is the very strong way to unite with your subscribers in Instagram. Is your brand young and jolly or refined and elegant? In any case, your photos may show this feature faster and more effective than any article.

However, Instagram managers are hardly planning to make services and options of their app more convenient for marketing specialists. But they do it. Instagram works absolutely unlike Facebook and other social media when you try to be in the news feed of your subscribers. Instagram is very transparent. Yes, you really see every photo of every person. So, if you regularly update the account of your brand, you don’t need to worry which posts will get the biggest number of browsing. All your Instagram subscribers will see them.

Recently, new video functions have been launched, so now you can contact with your audience not only via images but even to speak with them!

Instagram is still a free and more or less user-centered app. However, it’ll change in the nearest feature. There is a lot of talk in the social media world that Instagram is going to lauch advertising. It’s not very good for ordinary users, but if you are a brand or a company, you won’t worry about advertising matters even if you have never done this before.

Instagram has another drawback which is evident for many people who don’t want to create a business account in Instagram. It’s quite difficult to trace your Instagram followers. The app hasn’t any functions which help to trace analytical data, but there are plenty of websites which will do it for you.

However, Instagram may help you to attract the traffic on your website. May be, it’s not so simple as in other social media but it does work. You can post the link to your site in comments, but it won’t be a hyperlink. Unfortunately, it makes the process slightly more complicated, but keep in mind the fact that Instagram always changes and changes only for better! Nevertheless, you can post the link to your website in your account’s description.

Many businesses will get profit from their Instagram accounts. Don’t think please that photos work only for the product-based business. Even if you have a B2B business, you’ll find many ways to keep in touch with your customers via photos. And your photos don’t need to be just about “work”. Include photos of your team work, of meetings with customers, of your office, of your projects or just of your desk! You have plenty of variants with Instagram.

If you still don’t know whether to register in Instagram or not, just create your Instagram account because it’s fun. Yes, it’s not the most educative web source, but sometimes you just want to spend great time in social media. Then you can always visit Instagram!