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How to get 1000 friends in Instagram?

How to get 1000 friends in Instagram?

Well, do you want to have 1000 friends in Instagram? No problems! After reading this post, you’ll know that it’s not very difficult to have a great number of subscribers. The first thing you are to do – to have a really cool account with the certain theme and purpose. Secondly, you’re to learn how to make beautiful, interesting and funny photos and also how to tag photos in the certain way. Thirdly, and it’s most important – you’re to learn the certain number of PR tricks which will sky-rocket the number of your friends.

Making Friends With the Speed of Light

1. Start liking photos. One of the best ways is to begin putting likes to photos, as many of them as possible. Scroll down your news feed and begin putting likes on some or all photos of your friends. And perhaps, those, who are still not your friends, will subscribe on your feed very soon.

2. Start commenting other users’ photos. You are not only to put likes but also to comment photos of other users.

3. Add comments and questions to your photos. Despite the fact that 90% of Instagram consist of photos, it’s important to remember about the power of words. Photos with funny, smart and unique comments is the great way to have new friends and gain more attention from old ones.

4. Publish photos on a regular basis, but not too often. Don’t expect others to subscribe on you if you don’t publish any photos. So, it’s important to remain always active on Instagram and to be in trend.

5. Make posts in the right part of the day. You can make the coolest, most beautiful and funniest photo but the number of views will be limited only because nobody has been online at that moment. It significantly decreases your chances to conquer friends.

6. Use a shut-out. The other method to find new friends is to get shut-outs. To get them, you are to start giving shut-outs to others.

Making Your Account More Attractive

1. Think of choosing the subject for your account. As a rule, accounts with the certain theme become most popular ones.

2. Choose good nickname and avatar. Your nickname and avatar are second important things when you create the account.

3. Fill up your personal information. Don’t leave this field blank – it’s another one important tool to attract potential friends.

4. Find friends and start subscribing. Now, when your account is ready, start looking for friends and other users you could subscribe on!

5. Sync your Instagram account with other social media. If you are an active user of social media it’ll be the great idea for you to sync your Instagram account with other social media. The more there are of them, the better!

Tag Professionally!
1. Use suitable tags. There are 2 schools of tagging – some people think that you are to add as many tags as possible to increase the number of users who view your photos; others suppose that it’s worth adding 2 or 3 suitable tags.

2. Use most popular tags. The other way to attract attention to your photos is to choose most popular tags, those which are always in trend and which will help you rise up your account’s viewing.

3. TagsForLikes app is very popular and is used to speed down getting likes for your posts. It works in such a way that it selects 20-30 tags that are most popular this day and allows you copying them.

4. You can also create your own tag. If you want to, you can create your own hashtag, or choose some not very used tag and make it your own one.

5. Use geo-tagging for your photos. Using geo-tagging means marking of the location where the photo has been made. Instagram can do it automatically as well, if you activate the geolocation option on your device.

Making Wonderful Photos

1. Make unique photos.

2. Use the most natural light.

3. Obey symmetry. The human eye is happy with symmetry! Whatever you are shooting – a portrait, a building or a landscape, try making your photo as symmetrical as possible.

4. Let the photo be simple. If you are shooting an object – a tea mug or an old record, make sure that your object is located on the simple one-colored background. If the background is too overwhelming your object will be out of focus.

5. Interesting perspectives.

6. Download apps for making collages. Apps like InstaCollage or PicStitch allow combining photos in the single post.

7. Select several favorite filters. The last but nevertheless important things are filters. One of the best Instagram’s options is the option to add different filters to your photos to make them brighter, more exotic, glamorous or in a retro style.