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Twitter as the promo-tool

Twitter as the promo-tool

Among social media, Twitter constantly grows and increases the audience of its active users.

In this post I’ll list down options of Twitter, as well as how it can be used for attracting your potential customers.

As for beginning:

Twitter is the service and the social network which works in the real-time mode. Here you can find interesting information, read it as well as write and keep your own microblog.

The main specific feature of Twitter is short informative messages which are also called tweets. The maximum length of one tweet is 140 symbols.

Why is Twitter really so good?

The main usefulness of Twitter is speed, shortness and operativeness. You can write a phrase and inform of how you are doing. You can also inform about your company’s news, force-majeurs or new offers.

Twitter has the certain hip audience for whom you can offer products and services.

Speed matters in Twitter.

If you want to use Twitter for sales, you should react on tweets very quickly and support communication with the audience. You can be both active and passive in it.

Some facts about Twitter:

For the end of 2012:
– 500 million of registered users.
– 140 million of active users.
– 300 thousand new visitor per day.
– 11 accounts are created every second.
– 1 million of accounts are added in Twitter every day.
– 45 % of users are males and 55% of users are females.
– approximately 175 million of tweets per day are made by users.

Twitter is growing and developing because it helps users communicate, interact and share different information.

Twitter influences on SEO-promotion of your site.

If you use them correctly, tweets have the positive impact on the growth of your website’s positions for key words.

Twitter generates the number of your website’s visitors.

You can promote yourself in Twitter using different ways, but if there is your audience they can be interested by the useful information and go to your website.

So, Twitter’s options can be used for growing of the visitors’ number as well as for increasing sales.

Twitter can also be used for both business and development of your personal branding, as well as for quick communication, thus don’t forget about such tool for attracting your clients-to-be and the target audience.

But how to promote your Twitter account? That’s the other question.

At the very first stages, you are to gain some minimum of followers because there is no sense in promoting Twitter without them. Then you are to choose among several variants:
1. Posting of the interesting content
2. Thematic following.
3. Massive following.
4. Organization of contests.
5. Using resources of the site or blog. For example, using of retweet button; making the link to your Twitter on the good place; asking to subscribe on Twitter in articles.
6. Holding seminars and trainings in Tweeter.
7. Buying followers.
8. Advertising in Twitter.

In order to promote your Twitter, you are to test this or that method, looking for the most effective for you and always promote it in this direction.

Twitter really gives the good traffic to sites, but the traffic directly depends on how well your Twitter is promoted or on who retweets your note.