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What’s new on YouTube?

What’s new on YouTube?


YouTube has become part of the everyday life of pretty much everybody across the web. The online video service is the source for everyday fun, news, gossip and general entertainment for more than one billion visitors each month. The success of YouTube is due to its creative way and innovating way of having an unlimited, ever growing internet database of video footage both submitted by each member and also transcendental, general interest material and important content for all the masses. YouTube is like a candy store for the eyes, in which you will encounter funny cat videos as well as worldwide news.

If you are a constant visitor of the website you may know you can subscribe to the channels and profiles on the website so you can stay in touch with their new uploads and updates. This time let us take a moment to guide you through the top channels on YouTube so you know what to look for next time you get on the website.

Top Channels

First let us tell you that the stats indicate that most of the YouTube population accessed the website to look for music. Most visited channels on the website are Music channels, followed by gaming and sports channels. At the bottom we have Top stories and news channel. This shows you modern society cares more about their entertainment than about what is really happening in the world (FACT). These are the channels with the most subscribers on YouTube:

• PewDiePie: The Channel with the most subscribers on YouTube belongs to a Swedish video games commentator. The channel specializes in “Let’s Play” videos of video games. The channel has more than Twenty six million subscribers.

• YouTube: We don’t have to say what the YouTube Channel is about, Right? It’s about all kind of videos! Ok? This channel has more than Twenty two million Subscribers.
• Movies: A channel named Movies is the third Channel when it comes to number of subscribers. It has more than eighteen million subscribers.

• HolaSoyGerman: This informal humor star from Chile has more than seventeen million
• RihannaVEVO: Rihanna’s music channel on YouTube has grown fast, leading the way in music channel in the website when it comes to subscribers, having more than thirteen million.
• Special Mention: KatyPerryVEVO, EminemVEVO, OneDirectionVEVO, JustinBieberVEVO.

These are the most visited channels of YouTube at the moment so make sure you visit and check by yourself why so many subscribers prefer them.

Love Music Trends on YouTube

Most of the most “IN” trends on YouTube are about music. Music is the topic everyone talks about on YouTube. Recently trends are showing us how much the members of the website access it to listen to “love songs”. We are going to present you the top songs on the website that everyone listens to, you get an idea of what to check next time you feel romantic while on the website.

1- Love the way you Lie – Eminem and Rihanna

2- International Love – Pitbull and Chris Brown

3- We Found Love – Rihanna and Calvin Harris

4- Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber and Usher

5- Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez

Next time you are on the web site you know what you need to listen to.