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How Do Businesses Promote Their Product or Service on Instagram?

How Do Businesses Promote Their Product or Service on Instagram?

Instagram is the social network which will help you interact with the really wide circle of clients. Instagram is about 130 million of active users per month and the countless number of photos. If you use this app incorrectly, you may use very many potential customers. However, its correct using will result in many bonuses for your business. Instagram allows not only to tell about your brand by visual means but also to organize the full-scale advertising company and even the contest for Internet users. So, Instagram is really useful for promotional purposes and here are some recommendation of how you can use it for your benefit.

At the very beginning:

Create your own business account in Instagram. The best login for your profile will be your company’s name. Then you should fill your profile with interesting photos and videos, the short description and, of course, with links to your pages on other sites. It’s also possible to sync your Instagram with Facebook, so audiences of different social media will interact. But take into account your brand’s special features when you upload new pictures and video in your profile.

How to use hashtags(#)?

Use key words as often as possible. They will help Instagram users find your content. Create your unique hashtag – let it be your company’s name or even its slogan (but not very long one). You can also use its own hashtag for every advertising or promo action. It’s especially important for different contests. Use, firstly, the tags which are directly related to your business. For example, if you run a coffee house or a snack bar, they will be #latte, #coffee, #food etc. Follow trends and always use “top” hashtags matching your business. Always study new tags appearing on the site and communicate with your target audience via them. Also have contact with your clients. Pay attention to what hashtags are popular among them at the moment.

How to communicate with your target audience?

Make your subscribers “famous” – use their photos on your page (for example, upon their agreement). You can also insert photos of your Instagram subscribers on your pages in other sites – Instagram allows you doing so. Like photos of your followers. Let them see that you are really interested in them. Comment your subscribers’ photos. One small compliment is enough to make someone your friend. Reply on comments left by users on your page. Mention names of your own subscribers on your page – be sure, they’ll like it. Also, mention various celebrities on your page. If you have “stars” among your customers, don’t be shy to inform the world about it. Upload photos with your customers on your page and encourage your subscribers to take photos with your brand’s products.

How to edit your content?

Don’t afraid of using various filters – even if your photo is not very high-quality one, they’ll help you make it more appealing. Upload video too – Instagram now permits uploading short videos which last no more than 15 seconds. Your photos and videos are to feature products your company delivers. Also upload photos about your company’s history, values, working processes, CEO. Keep in mind, though, that the content should be unique, some photos and videos impossible to see on FB or Twitter.
There are also a great number of other tricks and hints of how to make your brand more successful with the assistance of Instagram. Try applying these methods in real life – and you’ll be assured that mobile marketing in Instagram can bring you a lot of money if you use it correctly.