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YouTube is the biggest video portal of the world!

YouTube is the biggest video portal of the world!

On YouTube you can register an account, upload your videos, watch videos of other users collected from all corners of the world. In this post, I’ll tell you what YouTube is, why you need one, the history of its creation etc.

What is YouTube?

Thus, what does YouTube really mean? It is the video portal (the biggest one) to which any person can upload any video (restricted by the law and copyright). Any video can be converted upon uploading on YouTube. You can also download any video from YouTube to your PC, many programs and services are created for this.

History of YouTube

YouTube was invented by three guys (friends) who had previously worked in PayPal. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim were their names. The portal has as much as four birthdays:

February 14th, 2005 – the domain www.youtube.com was created.

April 23rd, 2005 – the first video was uploaded to the system.

May 2005 – the beta test was launched.

November, 2005 – YouTube was opened for people.

At the very beginning, YouTube was created for video dates, but then it took the look everybody know now. The story of how creators got the idea to make YouTube is very interesting. One creator couldn’t come to the party to the other one. They couldn’t send the video report of the party they had shot for him via Internet or some other ways. Then friends understood that there was no such service where they could upload their video recordings and show them to friends. Well, they started making it and their ideas resulted in YouTube.

Creators could afford big money inputs in their video portal, so they invented the interesting thing – they started to give Apple IPod to any occasional user every day. It worked. After five months they spent more than 11 million dollars for the portal.

October 2006 – Google started gradually buying YouTube.

Nowadays, YouTube is the third in the list of the most visiting websites in the world.

Why Do You Need YouTube?

It’s not very easy to find reasons of why you really need your YouTube account. We can immediately say three of them, after that you need to think a lot.

1. To watch video recordings – Many videos are uploaded on YouTube, you can watch any of them. Some of them are available after registration and confirmation of your age.

2. To upload your own videos on YouTube – you can upload any of your video recordings on YouTube. If it lasts less than 10 minutes it’s uploaded without moderation.

3. To download videos on your computer – you can download videos with the help of special software or websites.

4. You can become a star – after you’ve uploaded an interesting video, you can wake up with million watchings. And then you’ll be a star…

5. Traffic – while uploading your video on YouTube you can direct people to links to your blog or online store.

6. Earnings – you can install Google Adsense advertising and gain money for every one thousand watchings of your video.

7. Training – YouTube has many free tutorials (training videos). You can learn sports, playing guitar, coding etc. If you go into that better, you can learn everything.

8. Dates – Many users are registered on YouTube. You can easily find new different people.