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How to get 100 likes in Instagram?

How to get 100 likes in Instagram?

Instagram is the popular app which helps its users share photos (and even videos!) “Likes” define how interesting your content is. If you have got many likes to your photo that means you’ve made the audience interested in it. Here are some recommendations of how to get 100 likes in Instagram.

Let’s share photos

1. Log in your Instagram account. Launch the app on your smartphone, click “Log in” and type in your username or your email address and keyword. The Instagram app is available for Android and other devices. If you have still not installed the app you can download it from AppStore or Playstore (for free!) and register your account before uploading photos.

2. Upload your photos. Click the sign of camera located at the bottom of the screen to make the photo with the help of a camera and to upload it. Or, click the sign on the bottom left corner for uploading the photo which already exists.

3. Edit your photo. Instagram offers several editing options: you can add the blurred effect, turn the photo or make it lighter, add some filter. Think of it! Make sure that effects will make your photo better, not worse.

4. Add some description. Once you’ve satisfied how your photo looks like, press the button inside the blue square in the right top corner of the screen. You can add some words to your photo.

5. Share your photo. If you like your photo and the description to it, press the sign “check” to publish the photo. Once the photo has been uploaded, you can see it in your channel. Remember, you can publish photos not only in Instagram. You are to type your username and password and allow the other account to switch to your account in Instagram.

Let’s earn more likes

1. Make sure that your photo is ideal. Instagram is concentrated on photos, so make the excellent photo which will attract your subscribers’ attention. Having practised a little, you will learn how to make immaculate photos, to edit them for achieving a bigger effect and to earn more “likes”. Experiment with filters for making them more vivid.

2. Use hashtags. Hashtags allow you to connect your photo with most popular search tags. Just type the sign “#” before the tag related to your photo. You can add up to 30 hashtags! For instance, if you’ve published the image of your picture, you can add hashtags “#art”, “#painting”, “#illustration” and “#sketch”. If you don’t know what tag you are to type, browse Instagram for popular tags and copy them. Alternatively, you can use apps with tags which can be downloaded in AppStore or Playstore. These apps will recommend you actual hashtags for the topic you’ve set up and you can copy them for your photo, to earn as many likes as possible.

3. Pay attention to words accompanying photos. The words accompanying the photo grab subscribers’ attention. High-quality photos, correctly used hashtags and witty descriptions of photos are most important domination tools in Instagram.

4. Have more subsribers. The more subscribers you have, the more “likes” you can earn. One method to have more subscribers is to integrate other social media. If you log in Facebook or Twitter, double your photos. Your friends from these social media can subscribe on your updates in Instagram.

5. Ask your subscribers to rate your photos. In the field for comments you can mention names of some subscribers and ask them to rate the photo. Use this tactics with caution. It can be annoying. It’s best to apply to the subscribers you know personally. Remember that you can delete these comments once you’ve earned enough “likes”.

6. Browse tags of other users. You can mark many people on the photo and make your photo more attractive for other Instagram users. Still, use this method with caution. It can annoy people and be presented as the violation. Remember that you can delete the mark.

7. Be active in Instagram. Rate and comment photos made by other users because they perhaps will rate and comment your own photos.