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How to earn money in Instagram

How to earn money in Instagram

130 million of active users all around the world is the good reason to earn money with the help of Instagram. Just do the following to know how!

Make your Instagram ready

1. First of all, increase the number of your friends. It is the first-in-the-list task for you to do before moving on the next step. Your followers are your potential clients. Invent some unique procedure to attract real followers. When you say “real” it means that Instagrammer should be a human, not a robot. Don’t make false accounts only to have numerous followers.

2. Use hashtags in your interests. There are two uses of hashtags in Instagram: crowdsourcing of the fan content and increasing of your content’s achievability. You’ll use them for the last thing. It will help you generate more followers, i.e. more potential clients.

Earn money

1. Be a social media marketologist. Most of brands have already joined Instagram because it is one of the best websites to maintain the easy access to their customers. If you freely communicate with other people in Internet, this is for you. Being a social media marketologist means that you sell some product on the market or create the company you’ll promote via Instagram.
Visit website Snapfluence and register here. The registration on this website means that you have been hired as their lifestyle photograph.

2. Allow sponsorship. If you have persuading skills, this is for you. It’s just like fashion and beaury blogs which take offers from stores to advertise their products. You may contact with owners of brands or online sellers for trading of their products on advertising and reviews in your Instagram account. Apart from products for free, you also have the chance to get money.

3. Open the access for advertising in reviews. If any event, mall tour, concerts or brands which promote themselves via Instagram, confirm them. Like via blogs, each advertisement requires payment. So, every your post made in advertising purposes, should be paid.

4. Offers of services. If you an artist, a fashion designer or a web designer, publish your portfolio in Instagram. Add high-quality samples of your previous work. Art and fashion are in TOP 100 of best images, so it can give you the chance to earn money in Instagram.

5. Sell your photos. If you have great photo skills and think that your works are worth something, you can also sell your photos in Internet. Twenty20, earlier Instacanvass is one of the websites which allow you to sell your photos and get 20% commissions for each sold photo. Authorize in Instagram and allow access for Twenty20 to your photos. Select photos you want to sell from your collection. Enter your email address that Twenty20 can notify you of your 20% commission.

6. Sell your products. If you haven’t enough capital to hire web designers or you just cannot take your laptop with you to manage your online shop, just switch your Instagram account in the online shop mode. One of Instagram’s advantages is that you can upload photos which will make your product more appealing for a customer, and it’s convenient. Always show good photos of products on offer. Avoid using low-quality cameras. Use tags to get likes and followers. Mention your contact information in the profile in case some people will be interested in your products.