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How to become a Twitter celebrity

How to become a Twitter celebrity

Everybody want to spread their ideas across the world. Popularity in Twitter can help you in business or popularize your blog. Most popular Twitter users have more than 100000 followers, some of them even 500 000. Most of these users have been well-known before opening Twitter but it doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful! Some well-selected, witty topics for blogs and agressive self-promotion will help you gain success.

Tweet as a famous blogger

Twitter is the service for microblogging: each post is limited by 140 symbols of a tweet. As a rule, recommendations for keeping a good blog are also relevant for keeping a good Twitter account. You don’t expect that the blog with three posts for different topics will attract a great number of followers, do you?

– Choose your topic. If you want to become famous on Twitter, don’t take the question (“What are you doing now?”) literally. It really means: “What are you doing or thinking right now, from what will be interesting to many people?” The topic should be definite enough for people to know what to expect but not so narrow that only 50 people will be interested in it. Start with two main topics or “tags”. Then expand them with the growth of your followers’ number.

– Find sensational stories. Tirelessly read news feeds in search of sensations, which you can develop into a good tweet. Guy Kawasaki, who has more 1 350 000 followers, have made such a great number of those who read them because he pays his employees for search of good stories for his tweets. Intermingle informational tweets with entertaining ones.

– Be interesting, clear and provocative. Share personal news about your life. If you can develop a good story, you can attract readers to daily dramas of your life.

– Make useful contacts. Good bloggers give references to other blogs. People keeping good accounts retweet other people keeping good accounts. Use search in Twitter to find words related to your topic. When you find interesting posts, click “Reply”, add “RT” or “Retweet:” at the beginning and publish a tweet. This will not only form good relationships with Twitter users but will bring interesting posts to your followers.

Follow as a spamer

After you’ve provided quality, focus on quantity. Take spamers’ approach. For not looking like a real spamer, take care of keeping a break of not less than 200-300 users between the number of those whom you follow and those who follow you. It can be done automatically with the help of different services. Try to make the number of those whom you follow smaller than the number of those who follow you: that’s like real celebrities behave.

– However, you shouldn’t follow 400 people simultaneously. They will mark you as a spamer, and Twitter will freeze your account. Follow 100-200 people at once, then give them time to follow you. After they’ve followed you, delete this group and follow the new group of 100 people.

Make your followers come back

There are several good recommendations for prevention of shrinking your followers’ list. Use services which inform you that someone has stopped following you. Study some of your last tweets – what have you written that they have turned you down? Remember following recommendations:
– Don’t use services allowing you send direct messages automatically. The automatic sending of messages will cost you followers. Some people get direct messages on their mobile phones and this service can be annoying, it’ll make people check their mobile phones, not speaking of efforts used for receiving them.

– Don’t change the content of your account in a radical way if you have already achieved your presence in Twitter. People like stability and they follow you for certain reasons.