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How to earn money on Facebook

How to earn money on Facebook

Facebook is, of course, not a treasure on your backyard, but it can be the sourse of additional income without problems. I’ll teach you how to earn money on Facebook!


1. Write excellent posts. The good content is the key to any plan of earning money via social media. It means, a lot of good content. In case of FB, the content means interesting links, images and daily updates. Look for your niche and fill it up with the high-quality content. It’s not necessary to look for the niche which nobody have occupied yet. Remember, an ordinary reader should understand what you write and what you write about. If you’re planning to advertise your product via your FB account, don’t forget to attach links to the product to your posts. Think, may be, you are to open the second account for business? Well, you know, personal things are the one, business things are the other. However, depending on your purposes, you may need even more than one account. Be ready to wait. The success won’t come immediately, but daily updates with the interesting content is doubtless the way to succeed

2. Be firm in your intention to earn money. The only way to earn money via Facebook is to work hard. It is the same job as any other one, and that’s why it requires the skill to pose aims and follow the working schedule. Be organized. Whatever strategy you may use, you probably will have to do several jobs a day for the work to move on. That’s why be organized, have the plan of actions and don’t leave your chores for the future. Saturate your market. Earning via Facebook is the matter of sheer luck, more than somewhere else. Marketing via FB costs… only the time you’ll spend for it. So, you can advertise and promote your product as you wish.

Let’s earn money on partnership programs

1. Find a partnership program. What do such programs give? They give you the unique identificator and materials. Then, depending on how successful your business has been, commissions will be paid to you. Many websites offer such programs. As an essence, it costs nothing for a website to do them, so you can subscribe on as many partnership programs as you can find. Start with famous brands. For example, Amazon offers a quite good program and pays the percent for any purchase if the person who has purchased the product have come from you. iTunes’ partnership program is also good. Join small programs. Yes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll start getting income from them since the first day. But diversity has never done harm to anybody! By the way, it’ll certainly pay off and give you profit.

2. Register. After you’ve chosen with which partnership program to start earning money, find the company’s website and get registered. It always should be for free and not for a long time. Never pay for becoming a partner.

3. Add accounts. Make a FB account for every partnership program or group of programs you are joining. It’ll give people the chance to follow your pages’ updates according to what exactly they are interested in, and not to dig into one big page with the mass of various ads.

4. Advertise your programs. Write daily for each one of them, watch the conditions of your accounts. If you are lucky and get a great number of readers on the main account your partnership accounts will also get more readers. And when people will come from you and click links to make purchases you’ll get your percent.