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Instagram as a Source of Breaking News

Instagram as a Source of Breaking News

Instagram’s also played a role as a platform for managing tabs on current events, and this was accentuated when the news of Bin laden’s death was spread like a fire on Instagram through photos. There were photos of American flags, President Obama’s speech and the joyful crowd inside the white House. Users of Instagram continue to share and spread images related to famous newsworthy events, that results in a large visual stream that helps in keeping tabs of what is new and what’s happening around the world and in your part of the world. For example a tag search of #flood, was showing you hundreds of photos, of disastrous floods in cities and towns of Mississippi. In this way, Instagram is becoming a leading news spreading agency, and is a handful and quick platform of spreading news through pictures and videos. Let me shed some light on how various international news organizations have noted this and have joined Instagram to spread and share news immediately with their followers on Instagram.

NBC News
Now you can get a peek inside the 30 rock. @nbcnews is the official account of NBC news on Instagram. NBC news shares and update us with great and colorful photos from the news room of NBC directly and also of the guests who drop by NBC studio and the off-site pictures such as the picture of Brian Williams who is the host of NBS news program, on the site of Tuscaloosa, Alabama where a mighty tornado passed through and was updated and shared by Brian on the @nbcnews account. If you want to get latest updated, join their account!

ABC World News
ABC world news which shares latest breaking news with its followers, ABC world news also gives their followers on Instagram a look on behind the scenes when preparing for some evening’s show. You can go to @abcworldnews feed to behold the pictures uploaded by the news anchor Dian Sawyer, who even share behind the scenes photos from spats such as tsunami in Japan or the floods of Memphis, Tennessee.

NPR is among the first news organization that joined Instagram. NPR led the way in sharing breaking news with their followers on Instagram. Recently NPR also celebrated its 40th anniversary, and they shared historical retro photos of past 40 years on their Instagram account.

CNN iReport
CNN iReport has found very interactive ways to highlight images on their Instagram account that are worthy of sharing. @cnnireport appreciated other instagrammers to tag images #cnnireport, and then the ireport staff takes a look on those photos and then shares the best of those with ther thousands of followers.
Fayetteville Flyer
Fayetteville flyer is a local channel of online news and is a source of information that is dedicated only to the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their account is @fvilleflyer and is a great example of showing other people to know that one can take such endeavours to collect and share local news with its city fellows.