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Simple Ways of Enhancing Marketing through Instagram

Simple Ways of Enhancing Marketing through Instagram

Everyone is familiar with a great social media networking website known as Instagram that allows its user to click and share photos and videos with their network. Users are allowed to edit the photos by using inbuilt tools of photo editing. Let me give you all some tips, that how this colorful and entertaining website can turn into a platform for increasing your sales and popularity of your business.

Become a Expert in Instagram

Before you start using Instagram, get yourself totally familiar with it. Don’t just right away start with branding your product. First create your personal account and share some photos and learn the entire trick. This will help a lot in learning this technology and in what ways it can be helpful to you. You can also notice how other users react and act in response to a specific content. Once you learn all this, then start your product account and click and share photos of your products on Instagram.

Link Instagram with Facebook

You should connect Instagram with your facebook fan page that you should have created earlier. It is really easy to connect Instagram with facebook page. This will make a lot easier for you to share your Instagram pictures on facebook, and also it will make it simpler for the people on facebook to connect and view your pictures on Instagram as well.

Utilize the Instagram Video

Many people are unaware of the fact that they can also make video of maximum 15 seconds on Instagram. That can be done by using Instagram filters. You can also share the video you make to all other social networks as well. As it is said that one video can explain more than a hundred pictures, so do not undermine the power of video in attracting customers towards you. You can also embed that video to your blog too.

Using Related Hashtags

Just like twitter, Instagram is also flooded with plenty of hashtags in daily routine. In this way your current customers and the potential customers both are searching for different hashtags on Instagram, and in this way it becomes so easy for them to find you out on Instagram. Only use related hashtags, that are related to that specific picture or video you are posting along with it. Do not use much hashtags for facebook on images as audience of facebook is not much familiar and used to with hashtags up till now.

Run Picture Contests

If you want to build a great fan following on Instagram then you should on and off run various photo contests. Encourage all your fans to participate in sharing some kind of photo and in return give them exciting prizes. You can also encourage your facebook and twitter fans to come on Instagram and share their photos. This is a great way to attract new clients.

Keep engaged with your account

After creating your account, do not disappear. If you cannot manage it then hire some manager to do it. But the ultimate key to success is that you should constantly update your profile and keep posting new and interesting stuff for your fans.