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Facebook showing concern regarding cyber security

Facebook showing concern regarding cyber security

Facebook has started showing great concern towards cyber security with all of its new purchases. The company is taking big steps in providing the desirable security to the users while using its features and applications.

Recently, Facebook has been receiving a lot of threats regarding its online data. Therefore, Facebook has become quite serious about fighting the online data threats with all of its new purchases. The company is planning to buy new security software for preventing more security crimes and threats.
The company has announced that PrivateCore is recent software, which would help the company in providing ultimate protection to the data of users save from the threatening eyes.

Facebook is showing some really serious concerns regarding these threats and it is taking every possible step to avoid such threats. The company is thinking of buying new security packages while purchasing new products and services.

The company is purchasing PrivateCore, which is a cybersecurity company which was started in 2012. It further creates such software programs for validating and securing the data of server. This helps the company in making sure that the messages and photos that you post to the social media accounts remain safe and secure from threatening eyes threatening the users of the company.

Facebook’s chief security officer, Joe Sullivan said that he has seen a lot of people who care a lot about the safety of data they they entrust to the products and services of social media networks like Facebook. He also said that the technology of PrivateCore and its expertise provides a very strong support to the mission of Facebook and helps in making the world connected and open. This step is taken in a very trusted and a secure manner.

Facebook has decided to integrate the technology of Private Core’s v Core in all of its servers for securing the user data. This technology is also going to provide ultimate protection to the servers from different malware. It also protects an unauthorized access to the servers and false hardware devices. The cloud based services are going to be more secure and protected with the help of this technology.

The company has not disclosed the terms of deals. The services and packages are supported b $2.3 million in seed. The funding has been received from TEEC Angel Fund and Foundation Capital in the year of 2012. This news has been published by Crunchbase.

Facebook believes that this product is going to help millions of users in saving their data and information. The CEO of PrivateCore says that both of these companies have got an excellent opportunity for pursuing the joint vision at a great scale. The combined work of both of these companies is going to have huge impacts on the overall results of security. Facebook is looking forward to provide ultimate security to the data and personal information of all of its users. Let’s see if the biggest social media network succeeds is providing this protection to its clients or not.