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Promotion of Non-Profit Facebook Pages

Promotion of Non-Profit Facebook Pages

Many web users have created their non-profit Facebook pages for the purpose of marketing and promotion. By reading this article, you would be able to get excellent tips on how to promote these non-profit Facebook pages.

Use Favourites Option

You can use the option of “favourites” for building the partnerships on Facebook. You can see this link under the option of logon on the home view of any pages which are named as “Add to my Favourites”. This is regarded to be a perfect way of building partnerships using Facebook. For example, if you have recently obtained a grant from any NGO or a foundation, then you have to favourite the Facebook page of that foundation and then post a comment on their wall so that they know that you have added them to your favourites.

Like Box

You can also add a “like box” to your blogs and websites. Most of the non profit organizations do not do this; however, it is regarded to be a very useful option. In order to grab this like box, you have to login as an Admin of your page. Go the option of Edit page then choose marketing and then choose the option of promoting with a Like Box. You can easily grab a code for widget which can be embedded on the website and blogs of organizations which would display the updates on Facebook page.

Ask Questions

You must not hope that people are going to land on your Facebook page after you just put it up. You have to do some very serious efforts for engaging people in your contents. One of the best ways is to start asking questions. This way, people would be engaged and they will start replying to your questions in order to see what other people have to say. You can also make use of user created content for creating some more content. This way, you can use Facebook as a virtuous circle for your non profit business promotion.

Email Newsletter

If you really want to promote your non profit Facebook page, then you need to email the newsletters to your potential customers. However you don’t just have to add a button of like to the newsletters as these buttons become invisible after sometime to the readers. You need to ask the people to like your page on Facebook. Follow the tactics which would tempt them to get engaged in your recent discussions.

Suggest Friends

You can also ask the likers of your page to suggest your page to their friends too. You need to let them know that they can easily suggest your page by clicking on the option of “Suggest to Friends”. This link is present under the image of your page on the left side. You must inspire the likers of your page to suggest it to their friends for enhancing your page’s promotion on the web.