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Music Promotion on Twitter- Some Tips

Music Promotion on Twitter- Some Tips

Do you want to promote your music band on Twitter? Here are some useful tips which are going to help you in making your music career using Twitter.

Set up the Twitter Page

The foremost thing which needs to be done is the set up of your Twitter account. In case you do not have a Twitter account, then you need to create it instantly. All you need to do is to visit the website of Twitter and then click on the button of sign up. You just have to follow a few steps for setting up your page. The entire process takes a few minutes and you would be able to make 140 character tweets on your own Twitter account.


Once you have created your account on Twitter, you need to start searching for other users of Twitter for following. In case you are aware of the friends who use Twitter, start following then and check out the other people who are following them. This way, you might be able to find other people that you already know. You need to follow the people because you want them to follow you as well. As you want to use Twitter account for promoting your music, you need to look out for the fellow music kinds. Look out for music fans, artists, labels and follow them.


Twitter is considered to be a perfect way of keeping the fans informed about the recent news. However, it can make the people closer to this whole process. This way, people get a lot of information and they ignore the tweets. You need not to overload the people with a lot of information. Try keeping them engaged so that they read your next tweets too. You have to use the feature of tweeting in a wise manner.

Be Personal

Providing people with a lot of information might not work out for you. In addition, not providing them with the required attention would also damage them. There are variant services like Twitter feed which is going to pick the RSS feed of your blogs and would post them to the page of Twitter. This process is regarded to be quite good for blog traffic only if the feeds are posted through a feeder. Always make sure that you add personal tweets on your Twitter page otherwise people might think that you are not giving the required attention to your Twitter page. They will also start ignoring you for sure.

Join Conversations

Twitter’s focal point is social interaction. Therefore, if you want to promote your bands and music, then you need to join in the conversations. This way, you would be able to build up your relationships with the people who can assist in building your career in the field of music. You can also bring people to your own Twitter page with the help of these conversations.