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Integration of Instagram with Facebook

Integration of Instagram with Facebook

Most of the digital marketers assimilate the updates of platform and other progressions in their advertisement campaigns. Facebook has acquired Instagram since last two years. The social media network has recently dripped a clue regarding the integration of photo sharing platform. In case the tests prove to be successful, then Facebook would be able to position itself as the king of the web.

Facebook and Instagram- One Funnel

Instagram is conducting various tests with Mercedes Benz which has allowed them to target the users of Facebook who previously viewed the Instagram ads. This is a jaw dropping development as it provides hints to the plans of Facebook on the return of their investment of $1B. It also shows that the commitment of Facebook for the transformation of advertisement cannot only exist with the social media but it can also thrive back into the new streams of adoption.
The characteristics which are viewed both on Instagram and Facebook are aligned with the natural fit in the funnel of conversion. The product of Instagram naturally promoted the behaviour in a more conductive way to the funnel’s top where awareness of the brand plays its role.
If Instagram preserves the user experience which allows them to break around 200 million users, it would also let them preserve the characteristics of their products. They would not be able to include the elements of direct responses forcefully including buttons of call to actions.
Instagram users do not need to do this because the company relies on Facebook. In Facebook, the performance of response ads has been quite successful and this strategy has been implemented quite successfully. However, it leverages the targeting capabilities audiences, which also include the potential users of Instagram too.

What’s Next?

The concept of targeting similar users using direct response advertising is being done by Facebook in a highly synchronized manner. Twitter would definitely try to struggle for catching up with the social media giant. Twitter does not have any choice besides incorporating all elements of the funnel in to one unit of ads. This process is regarded to be quite significant for few of their clients.
The entire burden is on Twitter for increasing the user base and adoption of advertisers. Facebook can also permit Instagram to stay to the roots of photo sharing and building great amount of audience for brand marketers. Meanwhile, Instagram could continue the performance of marketing products for a platform which is most suitable for them. It is expected that there might come a time when Facebook would be doing brand advertisements for Instagram at first.
Many new strategies are on their way. It might happen that Facebook introduce strategies like reverse data sharing and expanded targeting of lookalike audiences on Instagram. Facebook has been doing a lot of innovations since its invention and there is no doubt that it could easily introduce further eye opening innovations in the future too.