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A guide to Facebook Groups

A guide to Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing features of social network which allow you to set up a private or a public area on the network. This network allows the people to join and communicate with each other.
These groups can be created for free and they usually involve discussion on some specified topics or planning of certain events. The administrators and members can easily post messages to the groups. They can also share videos and photos and can also restrict the people from seeing these shares.

Creating Facebook Groups

Here’s a quick guide to Facebook group creation :
Visit the area of Groups on Facebook and then search for “create group” button. You can find this button on your homepage easily. Click on the option of “more” and it will take to the page which would list all the facebook groups that you have joined.
Once you click the button of “create new group”, a popup window is going to appear. This window will allow you to fill a form. It will ask you to provide a name for your group and you can add members for inviting them to your group too. You can also choose the privacy settings before clicking on the option of “create” for finishing.
Every group is provided with three settings of privacy.
Open- This options means that your group would be seen by public.
Closed- This option means that only members of your group can see the group and the content posted in it.
Secret- this option means that the group is completely private and only members who are invited can view it.
In case you belong to a specific network on Facebook, then the form is going to ask you if you like to limit the membership of your group to the people who belong to that network only. You can also allow people outside the network to join your group too.
After the creation of a group, you can incorporate a header photo which would represent your group. It is going to appear at the top of group page. You can also send invitations to people at the same time too.
Only members can post updates, comments, videos and photos which can be viewed by the other group members. The members are also allowed to message each other as well.

Difference between Pages and Groups

More options of privacy are offered by groups as compared to the pages. The pages on Facebook are designed for building brands and marketing. However, the groups are designed for facilitating conversations among people of small groups. There is no limit on how many members can join these groups. However, some of its features get restricted when the members increase up to 5,000.
Facebook groups are excellent for discussions and effective communication and planning. They provide the people with an opportunity to plan an event or discuss some specific topic in order to enhance their knowledge.