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Making a YouTube account

Making a YouTube account

The process of signing up on YouTube is very simple. It is complicated because of the fact that it is owned by Google and both of them are linked up for the purpose of registration. In order to sign up to a YouTube account, you need to have a Google ID. It is quite tricky how both of these accounts are working together to serve the uses.

How to create a YouTube account?

In case you already have a Google account, then you can easily sign into YouTube.com with your username and password. When you will sign in with your Google account on the home page of YouTube, it will automatically register you for an account of YouTube and will link your sign in of YouTube to the Google account. There is no need of creating a new account of YouTube if you do not want to link your existing username of Google.
However, if you do not own any Google ID or you do not want to link personal Google profile to the YouTube profile, then you must register for a new user ID of Google. You can fill a form of registration and it will create both Google and YouTube accounts at one time and will cross link them as well.

The Basics of YouTube account

For getting started, go to the homepage of YouTube and click on “create an account” present on the top right corner. It will take you to the basic sign up form of Google.
It is going to ask you for entering the desired Google password and username, birthday, gender, current email address and country location and number as well. It is not going to ask the address of streets and credit card information. The fields of current email and mobile phone number can be left blank too. Google is not going to stop you from registration if you do not provide this information.
The biggest challenge in the form is to find an accurate Google username which is not taken already by the other users. It is going to suggest adding variant numbers in the username. Keep trying for a valid username until it gets approved. After that, click on the “next” button for submitting the information and then go the next step.

Customizing YouTube Channels

After registering on YouTube, you have to search for a topical video channel which appeals to you. This way, it becomes easier for finding and watching them later. This can be done by showing links to the channels on the homepage of YouTube.
The channel guide is going to list the most popular categories of channels you sign in. You can click on subscribe button for any channel that you want to subscribe to. You can also browse the topical categories in order to find more interesting material for you. You can also visit the links of popular channels which are shown on the left sidebar of your YouTube homepage.