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Things You Should Not Post on Facebook

Things You Should Not Post on Facebook

Facebook is not just used for updating your status. You can also use it for uploading your photos or getting into group discussions. People usually post details about their lives which they usually do not share with anyone. It is really important to keep your Facebook account safe and secure by choosing the best privacy settings.
We do not know who is utilizing our information via Facebook. This is one of biggest issue which has been faced by many people using Facebook. If you want to keep your Facebook account safe and secure and you do not want your information to get leaked out, then you need to avoid posting certain posts on Facebook. This article contains a list of tips for you, which are going to assist you in protecting your personal information known by Facebook.

Relationship Status

Never post something about your current relationship status on Facebook. Leave the space blank because if you fill up the space, you can face variant problems. In case you change the status of relationship to single, then the stalkers will get a green signal for stalking. It would also let them know that you are alone at home as your partner won’t be there with you. They can utilize this information for harming you too.

Date of Births

Most of us love to get birthday wishes on Facebook. However, the problem with filling up the birth date spaces in the privacy settings is that when you do it, you are actually providing all the thieves with a very useful piece of information which could be utilized for stealing your identity. Therefore, it would be very good not to list the date of births of you or your family members on Facebook.


Never post about your current location on facebook. This is the worst step taken by the Facebook users. Your posts about your current location could help robbers know where you are. They can use this information to harm you too. So, always avoid taking such action as it can harm you.

Pictures of Kids

We are always ready to take any kind of step when it comes to the protection of our kids. There are many people who post the photos of their kids and tag their names with the photos. There are people who replace their profile photos with the photos of their kids. According to a research, 9 out of 10 parents post the date of births of their kids and tag them with their full names on Facebook. The predators can use this information in order to lure your kids. The child’s name and the name of their friends can be used for building trust with the parents in order to let them know that they are not strangers. Therefore, you must remove the photos and detailed information of your kids in order to prevent them from any difficulty in the near future.