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Converting a YouTube Video to an MP3

Converting a YouTube Video to an MP3

You may want to convert a YouTube video into an MP3. You may be searching for some specific programs for converting the videos in to your desired MP3 format. However, the power of internet can help you in the conversion of your videos in the best manner possible. There are many conversion programs which can convert your YouTube videos in to variant other format, yet it is quite simpler when you choose a tool which is based on the web. These tools are simple and very easy to use. They are going to save your time on the installation of programs, their updates and problems regarding troubleshooting too.
With the help of these web based tools, you can get an easy access to the internet and browsers. You can easily convert your YouTube videos in to MP3 by using your computer whenever you are using it.

How to do that?

Here is a process which can help you in converting your videos. The time of download and conversion depends upon the exact length of videos and the speed of internet connection you have. Here you go!
• First of all, you have to locate and copy the address of YouTube video. This address can be easily found in the address bar of your browser. On the other hand, you can click on the option of “share the video” present on the web page which are viewing for the video address. You have to copy the address (URL, in other words) of your selected video which needs to be converted into clipboard. Right click on it and then choose copy from the menu which appears.
• Now is the time to paste your links in the Video2MP3 service. After copying the video address of YouTube in the clipboard. Now, open another tab in the browser and then visit www.youtube-mp3.org . Right click and then paste from the popup menu in the text box.
• Finally, click on the button of “convert video” in order to process the link. After some time, you can download the extracted audio which is in the form of MP3. Save this file in your hard drive so you can now enjoy your favourite YouTube song in MP3 format.

Things required

You can easily convert the videos if you have some specific things in your desktop computer or a laptop. First of all, you need to have an internet connection. You have to make sure that the internet connection is working fast because the conversion and downloading process of YouTube videos solely depend upon the speed of your internet connection and video length. So, you have to be careful regarding the strength of your internet connection.
In addition, you need to have a free space in your hard drive so that you can easily save the file in your computer system. You cannot convert the videos without these two important components.