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Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

Facebook is, no doubt, a magical place. It helps you in getting connected with your old school friends and you can easily share videos at the same time too. However, in addition to the good things, Facebook has a dark side as well. Facebook hackers and thieves also love Facebook as the other users do.
This article contains steps which will help you in making your Facebook experience safe and secure.

Create a powerful password

You have to make sure that you make your Facebook account secure. You can create a very strong password so that you can prevent your account from getting hacked. When you create a weak password, you create a way of compromising with the thieves and hackers too.

Tighten the security settings

Facebook is a highly engaging platform. You must change your privacy options too. You must check out the privacy settings of Facebook account at least once in a month. In case new options of privacy are available, then take considerable benefit out of them. You can choose the option of “friends only” in order to tighten the settings and preventing unwanted people to see your personal data.

Learn to spot hackers of Facebook

Most of the hackers are foreign and they do not know your local language. This is a very goof tip. You need to know how to spot out the hackers on Facebook. This can be done by various ways. You can find considerable info on this subject on the web.

Never post everything

There are a few things which need not to be posted on Facebook. You must skip adding your birth date, relationship status and every other personal information on Facebook. In addition, you must avoid posting everything on Facebook as it can also have a great impact on your job too. The employers keep on stalking the profiles of their employees in order to see what they post about their job and employers.


If a Facebook hacker has hacked you for once, you need to report this account to Facebook as soon as it happens. This way, you will be able to gain control on your facebook account. You will be able to keep the hackers away and this can be done by convincing the friends that they could be hacked as well.

Create a backup

You can now backup the data of Facebook with the help of features offered by Facebook. You can now have a backup of everything that you post on your Facebook profile. It is a really good idea that you create a backup of your information in a time of few months in case your account gets deleted, disabled and hacked.
Follow these tips as they are surely going to assist you in preventing your Facebook account from the attacks of thieves and hackers. Be very careful with the safety of your account.