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How Kids Use Instagram for Bullying?

How Kids Use Instagram for Bullying?

In the current era of technology, kids love the way apps let them stay in touch with their relatives and friends. Instagram is one of the most famous ways which allow kids to stay in contact with their friends. They are able to know what is happening in their lives with the help of Instagram.
By using Instagram, teens can record and share short videos with their friends. Instagram is regarded to be a tool of fun for teens just like other social media networks do. It is also used for cyber bullying purposes by the kinds. This article will tell you the ways kids are using this app for bullying.

Sharing embarrassing photos

This can also be done by creating effective but short videos. Kids usually try to catch the blackmailing moments of people and then they post them on Instagram. Kids also play the slap game in which someone slaps the other and another third person film the reaction. These kinds of videos are then shared on Instagram to embarrass the targeted people.

Writing Disgusted Options

Teen age bullies also write disgusting captions and also post insulting photos and then tag it with the username of the target. For example, a kid might look at a picture of any nerdy person who is picking up his nose. These kinds of photos are then posted with embarrassing captions on Instagram.

Posting cruel remarks

Bullies also post cruel remarks under photos which are posted by other people on Instagram. For example, if a kid posts a photo of himself modelling for an outfit, bullies might get this chance for making rude comments on the photo.

Using Add People Feature

They also use the feature of “Add People” and then tag images with the name of targeted people. If a bully is not following the targeted person, he will not get notifications regarding photo and he would not be able to see the captions, comments and tags. The targeted person can be humiliated and harassed.

Adding selfish hashtags

Mean hashtags can be used under the photos of children. Any hashtag can be used for bullying the people. Hashtags let people search for specific topics and the photo of your children could become displayed to a large amount of audiences.

Creating Fake accounts

Bullies also use fake accounts in the name of your child too. There are several was which can be used by the bullies for exploiting your child by using a fake account. They upload selfish and embarrassing pictures of your children and they also post mean quotes and images about the targeted people. These comments seem like they are actually coming from your own kid and other people think that your child is behind the bad behaviour. This is going to damage the reputation of your child and will embarrass him in his friend circle.