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Some Unknown Facts Regarding Facebook

Some Unknown Facts Regarding Facebook

On the occasion of tenth birthday of facebook in this year of 2014, this blog will enlighten its readers with very rare known facts regarding facebook.

Financial Facts

When facebook made its first public offering, it was valued at 100 Billion Dollars. Which was more than LinkedIn, Netflix, AOL, Yahoo, Groupon, Pandora and Zynga combined.
Facebook first corporate partnerships include Pepsi, Teach for America, Amazon, EA and Intel s their partners. Everyone else waited for September 2006 for joining facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg spent about $85,000 in the first summer of facebook, just to keep the company afloat. Now Zuckerberg is worth $31Billion.

User’s Facts

Total monthly uses are about 1.3 billion with about 680 million logging in from their mobile phones.
Each user is exposed to about 1500 pieces of different content every day.
There are 7.5 million sites that contain facebook like and facebook share button.
42% of the users of facebook are male. About 75% of the users of USA are the ones having some sort of college degree. Whereas 73% users from USA are earning more than $75,000 compared to just 17% on twitter.
48% of those users in the bracket of 15-34 check their facebook account when they wake up. 28% of these check it even before getting out of the bed.
California is said to be the most social state of USA with about 15,267,160 users. This makes about 41% of the total state’s population. Texas comes at second number and New York at third.
Although facebook is blocked in china, still there are 95 million users on facebook from china.
29% of the users daily log in from Asian countries.

Facebook’s Data Facts

The facebook users were increased by 22% in a year from 2012 to 2013.
In every 20 minutes, there are 1 million likes, 2 million friend request and 3 million messages are sent on facebook.
Since the launch of facebook, there have been 150 billion friend connections, 250 billion photos uploaded and 1.13 trillion likes given.
On a day to day basis, 350 million pictures are uploaded, 10 billion messages are sent, 4.5 billion likes and 22 billion times the button of likes and shares are viewed.

Random Facts

The most checked in locations in the USA in the year 2013 were Disneyland, Times Square, Anaheim, MGM Grand Hotel, Dodger stadium, Fenway Park and Universal Studios Hollywood.

The most popular brands on Facebook from USA are Walmart, Amazon, Target, Samsung and Subway.
Facebook is offered in 70 different languages of the world.
The average time spent of facebook daily is 20 minutes by one person.
The most common life event that was added by the users in 2013 was of Got Married. This was followed by many others such as ended a relationship etc.
Napster co founder Sean Parker was the one who asked Zuckerberg to change the name Thefacebook to facebook. Facebook.com was acquired at 200,000$ at that time. Photo sharing was also added upon the advice of Parker.