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Facebook Users to be Empowered with Targeted Ads

Facebook Users to be Empowered with Targeted Ads

Announcement from Facebook

Facebook has recently announced some new changes and announced that it is going to allow its users to choose what type of ads they want to see on their newsfeed. Facebook recently wrote on its blog about introduction of ad preference, which is going to be a new tool accessible for every ad on facebook that will explain why you seeing this ad on your newsfeed and you are can add or subtract interest that Facebook uses to post an ad on your newsfeed. It actually means that if facebook shows you some ad that annoys you, then by changing the preferences you will be able to not to see that type of ad again on your newsfeed.

The Major Benefits

Users will be able to opt for this setting by using standard Digital Advertising Alliance in their browsers and for mobile users, using the control that Android of iOS provides.
However facebook is not going to honor the do-not-track option of the browsers, which will comprise by facebook on user data privacy. Facebook spokesman said that industry has yet no consensus on that matter. The do not track setting provided by many web browsers, is a request for disabling the tracking or cross site user tracking of the user of that computer. A problem in this new ad setting of facebook is that it will use the passive data, like the record of sites visited by users to make ads more effective.

In Inception Stage

In the starting, facebook will target those sites that use the conversion tracking pixel of facebook. This is a special tool being used for the purpose of advertising to know the performance of ads in terms of traffic and sales etc. facebook is also going to track mobile apps that use Facebook services of logging in and sharing etc.

Facebook Clarification

Facebook has stated earlier in clarification that it does not uses the track history of a user, but only the log out cooking on social plug-in for the purpose of personalizing the content for the purpose of improvement and security(for instance barring an underage from signing in through a fake age). Facebook also said that it never use the information of a user and delete it within 90 days of acquiring.

Privacy Controls

Now by using the option of DAA, one will have its own privacy controls. When you will click on it, it will scan the cookies and will let you know about those networks which are currently enables, and will therefore allow you the option of opting out. You can then chose facebook targeted ads as well as the tracking ads from various other advertisers such as Google and Yahoo etc. remember to repeat this exercise on every Browser on your computer that you use for social networking or even for Google etc. From now on, if the users want their privacy to remain intact, they need to keep an eye on latest privacy and regulatory setting themselves, in order to have better and improved browsing experience.